Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow in England!

So yesterday we had our first snow fall here in England!!! It was very pretty, its been very it was 18 when driving to work...didn't get past 25 all day...tonight we have a low of 14...Man I kind of feel like im back in Alaska haha!!! Just with a lot less snow! The snow is still around...having a couple day break from it and it will snow the rest of the weekend....So the roads were pretty icy...What I really hate....when people ride right on your bumper....ugh..gets on my nerves...especially in these road conditions!Anyways..the girls love the snow!! Its kind of their first one that they will remember!! So that is really exciting for them!!
This was first thing at about 6 am..
Yep! They had to check it out before we left to head to work lol!!
When we got home they were dying to go make snow angels on the little bit of snowed more that night so now we have more! Audrey was excited!!
So was Addisyn!!! Until their hands got too cold!
Love the snow!! Really feels like winter now!

Taste of a Rainbow

So we had the girls birthday party today!! They really enjoyed it!! I thought of a theme and thought it turned out really cute!! Rainbow theme!!! We had a really great turn out and several friends that came to celebrate Addisyn and Audrey's 4th birthday!! My oh my that sounds strange that they are 4 years old already...I cannot believe how fast the time goes by!!! They need to slow down because Dave and I are definitely not ready for their teenage years!!

Ok these are a bit out of order! But im sure you can figure it out!! ha

I had a sand art activity for the kiddos to do for other entertainment other than the bouncy castle!! I wasn't really sure how it would be, but it actually turned out to be a really big hit!!! I got all the different colors of the rainbow in sand...bought some mini sand art bottles...and the kids went after it!!! They LOVED IT!

Addisyn concentrating on getting the sand in the bottle...they would layer the different colors to make it look rainbow!
Audrey did about 3 of them haha! One little girl showed up late and I had to pour one of Audrey's out cause she had so many lol!!
And of course the bouncy castle!! Always a big hit!!
Their awesome rainbow cake!! I found someone that was trying to get her name out there since she just recently moved here..She told me all she wanted was for me to refer her to people!!! I tried paying her and she said no!! If you like my cake then tell people about me! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!
It turned out perfect!! Rainbow layered cake!! Everyone really enjoyed it!
Of course, a rainbow pinata!!! Everyone loved this!!! It took a while to break it..Dave had to help a bit!!  Addisyn could have swatted at it all day haha!! she laughed the entire time she hit it lol!
Audrey hit it once and got scared of it for some reason..but after everyone else started at it she had no problems swinging at it!
Make a wish birthday girls!!!!
I also had different colored bowls on the table filled with skittles!!! Taste the rainbow!!!
Man still can't believe they are 4! I think next year we may do a skating rink party!!