Monday, November 26, 2012

Bury St. Edmunds Christmas Fayre

Bury St. Edmunds was having a Christmas Fayre. We decided last minute to go and take the girls because they had some small carnival rides!! They loved it! It was a bit chilly outside, so we rode some rides, walked around for a bit, grabbed a latte from Starbucks, then headed to dinner! We ate at this place called Nandos!! Really good and have some very yummy whole chicken that you can order!! Super delish!

Addisyn On the way to Bury


Had to get a shot of everyone in the car lol!

their first ride!! They had so much fun and giggle the entire time it went around and up high!


They made me sit on the horse with standing allowed on this one!

Everyone loves the tea cups!!

The Abbey Gardens

Dave and I while we waited for the girls to get done riding the tea cups!

One of the streets in Bury

Audrey had to shut her eyes lol!! Flash must have been too bright!

Bury St. Edmunds Post Office! Thought it was cool building!

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