Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our House

Well I finally have had time to take some pictures while the house is clean and sit down and do this blog of our house!!! I know some of you wanted to see the inside of our house!! I think its pretty cozy!!! So I hope you enjoy!!!

Dining area...Pretty good sized space! Im glad though cause we have a big table!

Living area looking from dining area

Looking in from the Kitchen

Entry way


Guest bedroom...not too bad.

Our master room....kingsized furniture fit in there!

girls room looking in from the door

Other side....pretty decent sized room!

Girls bathroom

other side!!
Now that we are finally settled, I am glad to be able to come home and relax without having to worry about unpacking something!!! There are still some things that arent in its place, but it will eventually go somewhere or just stay in the box its in ha!! Anywho, until next time!! Just thought I would share a tour of the home!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Stonehenge and Bath

So we decided to finally venture out of the base area and take a roadtrip! We went to Stonehenge and Bath!!! Both places are very beatuiful and have a lot of history!! We drove about 3 hours to Stonehenge, walked the path around the rocks and just enjoyed our short time there!! After that we headed to Bath, United Kingdom!! What a beautiful part of England!! All of the old architecture was amazing!! We ate dinner, and walked around. Everything closes in England at 5pm besides pubs and restaurants. So we just kind of walked our dinner off! Very pretty city or town! haha!! Anywho, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express! It was nice, kind of small, but expected here in England! Today we got to go visit the Roman Baths! Pretty neat!! It rained or misted all day long so we were all wet..we were suppose to take family pictures there in Bath, but it rained!! Oh well...But we went with our neighbors and had an awesome time! So here are some of the pictures we took!!

They can be so sweet sometimes!

Our "huge" hotel room haha!!

A display of Old sewing machines!! Pretty cool!

Us in front of the Bath Abbey

Entrance of the Roman Baths

Very pretty...view of the Bath Abbey from the Roman Baths

Was a very neat and beautiful place to go!!! Had a fantastic time!!