Monday, September 10, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Well we had kind of a lazy weekend here. We don't really want to get and do too much until we get settled. Our house hold goods have made it to England and are currently in customs. They said it can take up to 8-10 business days to clear and get on a truck and be delivered! Well hopefully since we really don't have that much that it won't take that long and we have our stuff at the beginning of next week!! Crossing our fingers!! Its going to be Christmas in September!!! So until then we are just hanging around!!! We have been hanging out with our neighbors and we really get a long well with them and enjoy each others company!

Since we do have a playground in our side yard the girls just go out there and play and I can watch from the front door!!!! They like to follow the big kids around, its pretty funny! Most of the bigger kids are in 2nd and 3rd grade and they love the girls!! So it works out!! They also have siblings that are around the girls age for them to play! Yesterday they played outside from 11 am til 430pm when I made them come in lol!! They didn't even eat lunch they were so busy playing! I gave them pizza and they took one bite of it and forgot about it I guess haha!! But anywho! That was our weekend! Not too exciting just yet!!!

I took this picture standing on my front walkway! So you can see how close the playground is!! I love it and so do the girls!!! There are just so many kids for them to play with that live in this area and they have the best time!! They come in soooo filthy haha!!!! But better than watching tv all day!

I have rearranged the living room about 3 times since we moved in Tuesday haha!!! I just want to see how I would want our furniture when it arrives and since we have the same amount of pieces as this loaner furniture I thought hey why not move this stuff around since it is light weight and easy to move!! I have recently changed it again so it doesnt look like this anymore haha!!

We bought this tv stand! I like it, it matches our furniture color wise, and you hang the tv on it instead of putting a hole in the wall to mount the tv..since this isnt our house we didnt want to have to deal with that!! We are going to hang our bedroom tv but the tv is smaller and we won't need that big of a mount!!  Can't wait until the res of our furniture arrives!!! Once it does I will give you a tour of our house and you will feel like you are inside of it haha!! Well not really but you know what  I mean!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moving Day!

So yesterday we moved in to our house!! MOVING DAY!! Well kind of haha! We just got to move out of our hotel room and into our even though we do not have our house hold goods yet. Hoping they will be here in the next week or 2!!! They were suppose to arrive to the Port of Felixstowe today, which is about an hour from where we are. Then it takes 5-10 days to clear customs!! So anyways, we are in our house now and we love it!! Just would love it even more if it had our own furniture in it!! You know???

So, for the mean time they have loaner furniture that you can use until your things arrive. Let me say I would never want this in my house hahaha!!! It looks like dorm room furniture, or furniture that you may find in a dr or hospital waiting room. But it will work for now. The girls are loving the house with the playground right next door. They don't have to cross any streets to get to it and thats what I like about it! Its like our side yard!!!

All of Dave's stuff that he had in Turkey arrived yesterday too, so now we have a tv!! Our internet and cable got hooked up as well! We are all set!! Oh, not sure if I have mentioned on here but I was offered a job at the CDC! (child development center) The girls will go there too so we will all be under the same roof!!! In England they give you 15 hours of free child care per week per kid off base in a British school. Well since I needed full time care because I will be working Monday-Friday it just didn't make sense to me. It was going to be 93 pounds per week per kid with the 15 hours free care that they give you. Which is about $147 a week. thats a lot! So that means I would be paying $300 a week for childcare. No thank you!! So on base its roughly about $225-$250 a week but its not $300 haha....Plus since we are on base I would have to take them off base to school...then back on base to work...then back off base to pick them up....then back on base to go home. Too much work if you ask me!! This will be better and then they can go to preschool next August when they turn 4 at the elementary school on base! That is pretty much across the street from our house! We will probably start in 2-3 weeks!! I know the girls will enjoy having other kids to play with everyday and Ill enjoy working and socializing with the kids and adults!! So it all works out!!!

Anywho, I feel I am rambling now haha!! So here are a couple pictures from our move in day!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


So we have made a few friends already which is nice! I have been on facebook group pages of the bases here in England. So far we have met and hung out with 4 different families all very nice people and we will all be here for the next 3 years together since they just got here too which is always nice!

I was on a running group page on facebook trying to see where everyone runs at besides the track, because it can just get boring running around in circles! Well, this one girl said I go running around Liberty Village (our neighborhood we are moving into on Tuesday on base) at about 645-7 most nights. I was like oh wow, thats perfect time for me! So I went last week and met her for the first time to go running!! She is really nice and I would have to say right up our alley! Oh, guess what her name is...Kristen...haha...oh wait, guess what her middle name is...Michelle (thats mine) weird lol...Anyways, we like and do most of the same things...oh another weird thing haha...My initial is K, Daves, D and the girls A...Yeah you see where im going with this haha..Theirs are K...His name is Dewald..D...and their daughters name is Amelia..A...Wow haha!! CRAZY!!! Kind of freaky of some of the stuff we have in common haha...almost like we have stalked each other for years!!! Well anywho they are really nice and fun to hang out with!! Oh and Kristen is also from Texas! San Antonio!!

Dewald helped Dave with our light conversion on our car..we only had to add a fog lamp in the has to be as bright as your tail lights when you break...we are going to be neighbors, they will be living on the same street as us so we are withing a walking distance to walk across to the street to each others houses..So thats fun. They also had a couple other families over that we met that were very nice and fun to hang with as well!!! Im so glad that we have found friends especially to have things in common!! Anywho..I feel like im rambling, I don't have much of an update other than that! I will have more to post on Tuesday when we move into our house!!!! We cannot wait to get out of this hotel. We have been here 24 days and are just ready to get somewhere we can call home for the next 3 years!
This is the girls with their new friend Noah. He is 4 so they are almost the same age and they have a great time together!!! We hung out with them on Friday and then again yesterday and when he saw us he goes, hey I know and get this...They are from San Angelo!! So we have a bunch of Texans living in England together!!