Friday, October 28, 2011


We have been extremely busy around here! Always doing something it seems like and I love that because it makes the time go by so much faster!!!I got to go to the UH football game with my friends a few weeks ago that was a last minute thing and had a blast!!! I will be going to the last home game and enjoy sometime with my friends again at my old stomping grounds!!! I didn't have anyone to watch the girls around me, so I called Aunt Kelly since she lives 15 minutes from UH and she was happy and excited to watch the girls!! They had a really great time with her and I knew they were in good hands!!

Me with my friends Crystal and Stacy!!! Had a great time!!!!

Bellville had the Austin County Fair a couple weeks ago and we got to go to the opening parade. They pretty much shut down the town for this parade so the girls daycare was closed. They really enjoyed it and waved at everyone that passed! I will have to post pictures later because I don't have them look for an edit to this post later!

That weekend we went to Dave's Aunt Kelly's house to visit!! The girls really enjoy going over there and I know that they all enjoyed having us and spending time with the girls!! I guess we waited too long for all of them too meet because they all love each other!!! The girls really loved playing with their 2nd cousin Michael!!! He is so good with them!!! We will definitely be visiting them more often since we are moving to England in 8 months!!

We are going to Corpus the same weekend as them so we can all be there at the same time, Dave will be here, so he will get to see them as well, then we will spend Christmas at my parents on Christmas Day since Dave will be heading back to Turkey the day after :(. But we are excited he at least gets to be here for a short time and spend Christmas with family!!! And that is all that matters!

We miss Dave so much!!! He has now been in Turkey for 7 months. Such a long time and he has pretty much missed the girls entire year of being 2. Which is hard for us and especially him. 2 is an important age I think because they change everyday and are learning so much right now. They didn't really talk all that clear when he left and now they can have an entire conversation with you. So crazy! I took a picture of the girls yesterday and so didn't realize how tall they were and how much taller Audrey is than Addisyn. Oh well! At least Dave gets to see pictures. When he comes in December, that will be the last time he sees them until his tour is up July 1st. They will be 3 1/2 already by then!!! So hard to think about it like that.

So besides all of that!! I have been working and it has made this month fly by and I love it!!! I am hoping for the next 8 months to do the same and I know it will with the holidays coming up, then I will be going to Turkey for another visit hoping to tour a bit this time end of March/April, then he will be done and off to England we go!!! Im getting excited to start another new journey and all be together again! So until next time! Look for the picture update from the Austin County Fair Parade!!