Monday, August 8, 2011


I had a great time visiting Dave in Turkey! We didn’t really do much, but I knew that going there because of his knee. So really we just hung around and just spent some time together!! I never really adjusted to the time change. They say it takes about 2 weeks to get onto some kind of schedule with the 8 hour time difference. Well I was there 2 weeks and never did haha. I would sleep til about 11-1 everyday…such a waste of the day…then I would be up all night. It was horrible!!! I told Dave that when I come back next March to visit again, that we will do some tours that they have available to go see things around Turkey!!! It will be a lot of fun, plus his knee should be a lot better by then!! And then he can drive us around too with all the crazy drivers and no rules they have there haha!! I didn’t like that at all and I got very frustrated really easy and I was driving a stick shift…and it has been about 10 years since I have really driven one.. so yea that was not fun haha!!

me and dave turkey

So a really BIG THANK YOU!!!! To my parents for watching the girls so that I can go be with Dave!! It is much appreciated and I can never say enough thank yous!!! Love yall!!!

I was so happy to be back and to see the girls and to see their reaction when they saw me!! I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what they would do after being gone for 16 days. When I walked into their classroom to pick them up, Audrey was standing by herself watching the kids play and Addisyn was getting her hair fixed by one of the teachers. Audrey saw me and looked..and said “oh my mommy went on airplane, where my daddy?…then she goes mommy!!!” and ran over to me!!! It was awesome!!! Then Addisyn ran over to me after getting her hair done and gave me a tight hug!!! I missed them so much and I can just imagine what they will do when Dave comes for a visit!! They aren’t going to want to let him out of site probably!!! I know they miss him so much and he misses them!!! When they aren’t with you its like something is missing from you..that you feel naked haha!!! IF that makes any sense!!! We are now back on a routine and im enjoying being home with them!! They are at day care and im hoping to start working soon so that they can stay in day care since they are loving it so much!! It will also help this next 10 1/2 months go by quick too!!! ON a good note, hoping Dave will be on leave September 7th so that he can come home and see his babies for a much needed visit!! Dr gave him the approval to travel!!!

mobile pictures 334Addisyn took this picture of Audrey and I!! Pretty good!! So glad to be back with them!!

mobile pictures 275And Addisyn was happy I was back because she loves to take my phone and just snap pictures and she always has it facing her instead of the other direction!! So my phone is full of pictures like these haha!!

mobile pictures 478

mobile pictures 517Audrey is obsessed with babies right now!!! She is ready to go and will make a great mama one day!!

mobile pictures 626

And last but not least!! Going to say some extra prayers everyday for the much needed rain that the state of Texas needs…Its getting really bad. This is my parents pasture…brown grass and look at the pond…very very low….pretty SAD Sad smile