Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow! The month of May has slipped right past us!! I mean it flew by!!! Seems just this past weekend we were in Louisiana visiting our friends!!!

2 weeks ago we made a trip to Corpus Christi!! We had a great time!!! We enjoyed the science museum, playing outside on the swing set, playing in the water and making water balloons!!! It was a great 5 days!! We will be going back on June 2nd to help watch Lillie and Isabel while their school is out for a couple of days!!! The girls really enjoy playing with their cousins!!!

My parents have been on a nice 2 week Mediterranean cruise so we haven't been here much. Its scary out here in the middle of nowhere. I also spent 5 days with my grandma and grandpa and the girls absolutely loved it!!!! They enjoyed having lots of driveway to ride their tricycles, ride the gator, see the cows!!! I enjoyed sitting around doing nothing pretty much and not have to drive anywhere!!! All and all its been a good month!!! Went by pretty fast!!!!

GREAT NEWS for the girls and I!!!! Dave will be back to visit us around August 2!!!! Which means its only about 68 days away!!!! Can’t wait!!! He will be back for about 2- 2 1/2 weeks!!! The sucky thing will be him leaving again after the girls will just be getting use to him being back for a bit..But hopefully they will do ok!!! So excited!!!

We have a busy next 2 weeks too!!! We will be heading to Corpus next Thursday for 6 days. Then we come back laundry..then we are headed to San Antonio to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins for a couple of days!!! Can’t wait for that either!!!! Anyways sorry if this post bored yall!!! Here are some pictures!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day at the Park!

We spent the other morning at the park! The girls really enjoy running around, going down the slides, and chasing the birds!!! So here are a few pictures from then!!!

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Mother’s Day 2011

We had a great Mother’s Day! Would have been even better if Dave was here! We started the day off going to church! After that was off to our first stop! My grandma’s house! We enjoyed visiting and having a nice turkey lunch!!! The girls enjoy going in and out of the house haha!!! That’s all they want to do is go outside and its so hot right now! Sad smile Oh well! After we visited for a little while we headed back to Bellville to visit my other Grandma! The girls had a good time playing with the stuffed bunnies while we all chatted!! Then it was time to head home!! It was a nice day!!!

Friday I also got a special surprise delivery!!! Totally was not expecting anything and I received some pretty flowers from Dave and the girls!!! I love them!!! I love to be surprised!!! Anyways I hope everyone enjoyed their day!! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful Mothers I know!!! Here are a few pictures!

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