Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We sure did!!! We started our day off by getting up and heading to Church! It was packed today!!! We dropped the girls off at Sunday School!! They actually both stayed today!!! Audrey has been having a hard time at drop off and I think after about 5 minutes she was fine! Their class did an egg hunt while we were in church so we didn’t get to see!

After church we headed to Katy for brunch and another egg hunt for the girls!!! It was really their first “real hunt” They didn’t get many eggs because there were too many big kids..but that’s ok!!! They enjoyed it and loved the “candy” that was in the eggs haha!!!

We then headed back to Bellville for a late afternoon/dinner with the grandparents!!! We had a nice visit and yummy food! Also did another egg hunt for the girls and they knew what to do that time!!! Easter bunny was good to them!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic day!!! I am exhausted so here are some pictures to hold you over until next time!

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I just had to share these last 2 pictures!!! Their great grandparents got them matching dresses and a little short outfits!!! Isn’t that dress adorable!!! I thought so!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dye anyone!

So today was the girls first time to dye Easter eggs!  At first I was hesitant for them to do it because I was afraid it would mess up their clothes. So I found some no spill dye cups at Walmart. Well, I thought that they would work better, their clothes wouldn’t get messed up and their hands and legs wouldn’t have dye all over them haha…Was I wrong. They still managed to stick their whole hands in the cups..spill the cups..When they are “NO SPILL” cups lol!  So then we decided to just take the tops off the cups and just have at it! They had so much fun, even if their mommy was worried about the dye getting on their skin and stained on their clothes. Oh well at least they enjoyed it right? So here are some pictures from their first experience with dying Easter eggs!!!

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After we dyed Easter eggs, we ate dinner and then decide to bake a cake! The girls helped me make it!

April 2011 044April 2011 045

Then it was time to play and relax outside.

April 2011 054April 2011 055

Yes we are in the middle of no where, so we let them run around with their shirts off haha!!!

Well I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!!! I am sure I will have more pictures to come! We are having a crawfish boil tomorrow!! Yum Yum!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well wow!!!! Ha!! That’s all I can say lol…I am so far behind on blogging…Going on 3 months now. I have never gotten this behind. We have done so much but have taken very few pictures. We have been so busy with moving to Bellville, visiting family in Corpus, back to Bellville to spend time with Dave..and watching him off as he moved to Adana, Turkey for 15 months.

We thought that we might be able to move there with him and they change his orders to 2 years instead of 15 months. Which is fine, but we would also lose our follow on to England. Well I didn’t care that we lost our follow-on to England because that would mean our family would get to be together and Dave wouldn’t miss out on so much stuff with the girls since they change and grow everyday! Well when he went to ask of course they said we can move there, and that Dave would have to extend is tour to 2 years. Fine! But here is the bad news. They won’t pay for dependents to travel there and relocate. So that means they would ship my vehicle, but they wouldn’t ship our household goods which we would need and they wouldn’t pay for our plane tickets, passports, and Vesas…BOOO Sad smile Dave said he was so angry at the people because he didn’t understand if they didn’t pay for our stuff to get there why did he have to extend..Just didn’t make any sense. Oh well we are not going and now we are going to visit each other every 2-3 months which I can handle, but he will only get to see the girls 2 times in 15 months Sad smile

Here is the schedule I want to have. Dave gets 37 days of leave and can take it however and whenever he wants. I am thinking this:

Dave visits: end of June to beginning of July for 2 weeks

Kristen visits: September for about 8 days(cant be away from the girls that long considering I have to have others watch them!)

Dave visits: end of December for Christmas and Beginning of January for the girls birthday! 2 weeks

Kristen Visits: mid march for our anniversary!! (6 years) then Dave will be home with us for good sometime in June!!!

To me that sounds like a plan!!!!

Anywho haven’t been up to much lately lol!!! I plan on visiting our friends in Louisiana next weekend, Corpus on the 12th of may..and then Dave will be here the next month!!! Hoping time flies bye!!!! We miss him so much! We are trying to keep busy as much as we can.

Sorry if this post was a bore…

April 2011 002

April 2011 003

April 2011 014

These are a couple of pictures I took the other night!!! Wanted to show everyone how much different they look! Don’t they look all grown up! Anyways, I promise to take more pictures and start blogging more often!