Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Year Stats

So we took Addisyn and Audrey to the doctor yesterday for their 2 year check-up! Dr. said everything looked great and they both are doing really well. He asked if we had any issues or concerns with them or anything about their language and we said not really we think they are doing great! But we did tell him that Audrey says sentences that you can understand and when Addisyn tries to say a sentence you can't understand one word that comes out of her mouth but jibberish. So he then asked if she says at least 25-50 words. I was like umm..I don't really know I don't count them haha...but I do know she knows a lot of words just cant put them together to make a sentence. He suggested by 2 1/2 if she is still talking the same way to get her evaluated on her speech. But I think that she is fine and will be fine by that age, she is just a bit behind Audrey which is to be expected. So I can't remember for the life of me their exact stats, but here is the about range haha!

Height: 32"-15th percentile
Weight:22 pounds- 10th percentile

Height: 34"-50th-75th percentile
Weight: 29 pounds:50-75th percentile
I didn't hear what he said about her percentile's because I was curious as to what Addisyn's were because I was excited she finally got out of the 5th percentile!!!

So they are doing wonderful!!! Saturday is their big birthday party and of course the weather as of last week said it was going to be in the 60's and sunshine...well as of yesterday it has changed..GO FIGURE....its a 50% chance of sunshine...and in the low 50's for the high...of course it would change because I am having a party and rented a bouncy castle...Now we aren't going to be able to have it unless the weather somehow changes on Saturday which is still possible..It has changed everyday this maybe we will get lucky it will not RAIN :( but we do need it...just I don't want it until after the party haha!!! Well there you go! Hope everyone is doing alright and getting back into the swing of things after all the holidays..I know I need to get back on track with working out and dieting...Until after their party! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and Birthday!

We had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending time with my family!! The girls really enjoyed opening gifts this year and I can’t wait to see next year when they understand a little more!

My parents and grandparents came up on Christmas Eve. We were all going to go to Church, but Audrey was running a fever from and ear infection and a virus…Since my parents went to Church the night before for their Christmas service they offered to stay home and babysit while Dave and I and my grandma and grandpa went to Church! It was a great service! Lots of people and kind of unorganized…well the parking lot anyways between their 2 services was a mess haha…Anyways, we came home, ate some yummy ham…put the girls to bed and started building the nursery thing we bought them from “Santa” Man I don’t know who makes the toys haha but why they have to have so many little pieces I have no clue…there has to be an easier way lol!!! Anyways we woke up Christmas morning…well let me rephrase that…I woke up Christmas morning and told Dave, “I can’t sleep anymore! Lets go get everyone up and open gifts haha!!” So I went to my parents room and acted as if I was a little kid again and said “Santa came!!!!” I scared them because they were dead asleep..The girls hadn’t been sleeping well and were up several times during the night because they were sick Sad smile So we all got up and dressed and went down stairs to see what Santa brought the girls…They were so excited to see the gifts but I didn’t get them on camera…oops…Oh well…I would say Santa did good this year for all of us!!! Thank you to my family for everything we really appreciate it!!

I got to thinking a lot after they left to go home about when Dave isn’t here and that I would be all by myself with no family. The girls have been sick and I was thinking, “how am I going to get through this alone…” Monday after Christmas I decided to talk to Dave about me going to live with my parents for the year Dave is in Turkey. We both agreed it would probably be best if I did. I told him if I didn’t I wouldn’t have any hair left when he came home because I would have pulled it all out haha!!! So that’s our plans..we are in the process of getting things together to sell, get our medical records together, figuring out who is going to move our stuff into a storage for a year…and so on…Because when Dave returns we are headed to the UK!!! Lakenheath AFB in England!! We are so excited to go and experience something new but at the same time sad because we will miss all of our family and friends.

And last but not least…The girls are turning 2 on Monday..I cannot believe it..time went by so fast and I am hoping that as fast as these 2 years went by, that the time will fly when Dave is not here. We are having their party next Saturday the 8th and rented a bouncy castle!!! They are going to love it and I cannot wait! I bet you can’t think of the theme of the party…………………………..DORA!!!! They are obsessed with Dora right now!!! Anywho, I hope everyone is doing well and has a very Happy new year!!! Can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us!!! Ok here are some picturs.. A LOT OF PICTURES HAHA!! Enjoy!

christmas 2010 030

Great Grandma and Addisyn on Christmas Eve! She was wired lol..had too many sweets I think lol

christmas 2010 033

Audrey and Daddy! Check out that hair haha

christmas 2010 038

Santa Came

christmas 2010 054

Dave Christmas morning

christmas 2010 039

Checking her stuff out

christmas 2010 050

I think they like Audrey says “I cook”

christmas 2010 057

Great Grandma reading the Christmas message before opening gifts

christmas 2010 059


christmas 2010 048


christmas 2010 058


christmas 2010 049

christmas 2010 060

Thank you Great Grandma Jackson!

christmas 2010 062

They love the bears and outfits!

christmas 2010 065

Didn’t know what to think of the tickle me Elmo haha! She was scared lol

christmas 2010 066

But they love the Elmo with the guitar!

christmas 2010 074

Addisyn was posing!

christmas 2010 079

And their favorite present! The light up sketchers..Audrey took a nap in them that day lol

christmas 2010 083

This picture was funny of Addisyn..She was running and I got her in the air! She was trying out her new sparkly shoes!

christmas 2010 055

Grandpa and Great Grandpa!

christmas 2010 084

What a mess!!! But we love it all!

christmas 2010 090

Addisyn playing with her new tea set

christmas 2010 085

Audrey thought the nursery was for her haha

christmas 2010 098

organized…I went out and finally bought a toy organizer!!! What a difference it makes!!

christmas 2010 114

And these are their birthday presents! Trikes!

christmas 2010 103

christmas 2010 109

And baby dolls and new strollers!


They love them!!! And notice who was not in one picture or my mom…SORRY!