Friday, October 28, 2011


We have been extremely busy around here! Always doing something it seems like and I love that because it makes the time go by so much faster!!!I got to go to the UH football game with my friends a few weeks ago that was a last minute thing and had a blast!!! I will be going to the last home game and enjoy sometime with my friends again at my old stomping grounds!!! I didn't have anyone to watch the girls around me, so I called Aunt Kelly since she lives 15 minutes from UH and she was happy and excited to watch the girls!! They had a really great time with her and I knew they were in good hands!!

Me with my friends Crystal and Stacy!!! Had a great time!!!!

Bellville had the Austin County Fair a couple weeks ago and we got to go to the opening parade. They pretty much shut down the town for this parade so the girls daycare was closed. They really enjoyed it and waved at everyone that passed! I will have to post pictures later because I don't have them look for an edit to this post later!

That weekend we went to Dave's Aunt Kelly's house to visit!! The girls really enjoy going over there and I know that they all enjoyed having us and spending time with the girls!! I guess we waited too long for all of them too meet because they all love each other!!! The girls really loved playing with their 2nd cousin Michael!!! He is so good with them!!! We will definitely be visiting them more often since we are moving to England in 8 months!!

We are going to Corpus the same weekend as them so we can all be there at the same time, Dave will be here, so he will get to see them as well, then we will spend Christmas at my parents on Christmas Day since Dave will be heading back to Turkey the day after :(. But we are excited he at least gets to be here for a short time and spend Christmas with family!!! And that is all that matters!

We miss Dave so much!!! He has now been in Turkey for 7 months. Such a long time and he has pretty much missed the girls entire year of being 2. Which is hard for us and especially him. 2 is an important age I think because they change everyday and are learning so much right now. They didn't really talk all that clear when he left and now they can have an entire conversation with you. So crazy! I took a picture of the girls yesterday and so didn't realize how tall they were and how much taller Audrey is than Addisyn. Oh well! At least Dave gets to see pictures. When he comes in December, that will be the last time he sees them until his tour is up July 1st. They will be 3 1/2 already by then!!! So hard to think about it like that.

So besides all of that!! I have been working and it has made this month fly by and I love it!!! I am hoping for the next 8 months to do the same and I know it will with the holidays coming up, then I will be going to Turkey for another visit hoping to tour a bit this time end of March/April, then he will be done and off to England we go!!! Im getting excited to start another new journey and all be together again! So until next time! Look for the picture update from the Austin County Fair Parade!!

Monday, September 26, 2011



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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So we are getting very excited about Dave coming to visit!! I am trying to be overly excited so that the girls can be excited when they see him for the first time in 5 months!! Dave flied into Houston airport Thursday at 1030 am!! He is actually leaving Turkey at 2 in the morning our time..So we are praying that everything goes smoothly and he will have a safe flight!!

We have been very busy lately, the girls are enjoying being in daycare, I am working full time now at my moms insurance office! I went to a 3 day crash course to take the insurance licensing exam and I passed the first time around, which can be hard to do!!! But I did it. Now I am just waiting for my license so I can sell!! So right now I am just learning what I have to do!! Hoping it will all work out!! Its keeping me busy and helping the time away from Dave go by a heck of a lot faster than it was, which is AWESOME! Anywho, here a couple of pictures I took of the girls with my phone..So until next time..I will have a better post while Dave is here!!

Addisyn! They thought it was so cool to hang their head out of the sun roof!


Audrey eating a burger with mommy!

Addisyn!!! Loves to cheese to the camera!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I had a great time visiting Dave in Turkey! We didn’t really do much, but I knew that going there because of his knee. So really we just hung around and just spent some time together!! I never really adjusted to the time change. They say it takes about 2 weeks to get onto some kind of schedule with the 8 hour time difference. Well I was there 2 weeks and never did haha. I would sleep til about 11-1 everyday…such a waste of the day…then I would be up all night. It was horrible!!! I told Dave that when I come back next March to visit again, that we will do some tours that they have available to go see things around Turkey!!! It will be a lot of fun, plus his knee should be a lot better by then!! And then he can drive us around too with all the crazy drivers and no rules they have there haha!! I didn’t like that at all and I got very frustrated really easy and I was driving a stick shift…and it has been about 10 years since I have really driven one.. so yea that was not fun haha!!

me and dave turkey

So a really BIG THANK YOU!!!! To my parents for watching the girls so that I can go be with Dave!! It is much appreciated and I can never say enough thank yous!!! Love yall!!!

I was so happy to be back and to see the girls and to see their reaction when they saw me!! I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what they would do after being gone for 16 days. When I walked into their classroom to pick them up, Audrey was standing by herself watching the kids play and Addisyn was getting her hair fixed by one of the teachers. Audrey saw me and looked..and said “oh my mommy went on airplane, where my daddy?…then she goes mommy!!!” and ran over to me!!! It was awesome!!! Then Addisyn ran over to me after getting her hair done and gave me a tight hug!!! I missed them so much and I can just imagine what they will do when Dave comes for a visit!! They aren’t going to want to let him out of site probably!!! I know they miss him so much and he misses them!!! When they aren’t with you its like something is missing from you..that you feel naked haha!!! IF that makes any sense!!! We are now back on a routine and im enjoying being home with them!! They are at day care and im hoping to start working soon so that they can stay in day care since they are loving it so much!! It will also help this next 10 1/2 months go by quick too!!! ON a good note, hoping Dave will be on leave September 7th so that he can come home and see his babies for a much needed visit!! Dr gave him the approval to travel!!!

mobile pictures 334Addisyn took this picture of Audrey and I!! Pretty good!! So glad to be back with them!!

mobile pictures 275And Addisyn was happy I was back because she loves to take my phone and just snap pictures and she always has it facing her instead of the other direction!! So my phone is full of pictures like these haha!!

mobile pictures 478

mobile pictures 517Audrey is obsessed with babies right now!!! She is ready to go and will make a great mama one day!!

mobile pictures 626

And last but not least!! Going to say some extra prayers everyday for the much needed rain that the state of Texas needs…Its getting really bad. This is my parents pasture…brown grass and look at the pond…very very low….pretty SAD Sad smile

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meat Sword

So we went to this place called the Meat sword for dinner tonight. It was kind of my first Turkish experience.  Its kind of like a family style dining I guess you can say. They bring out all of the food, there are no menus, and you share with everyone. When we first got there they had different stuff on the table for appetizers I guess. Bread, different types of humus, different kinds of salads…Not too bad..then they bring out this really long piece of bread on a board and put it in the center of the table. While you are finishing up the salads they bring out this meat on a sword, lay it on top of the bread and then you just pick off it and eat it. It was alright….on the bottom it had lamb, and then on top of that it was chicken, peppers, onion and tomatoes..Wasn’t a big fan of the lamb…when you finish the meat, they take your plate, give you a new one and then bring out fruits for your dessert. They had watermelon, peaches, grapes…then they brought out this thing that was like a fried cheese covered in a honey sauce..sounds weird and is a strange combination but was pretty good I thought. Then they brought out sliced bananas with walnuts and a honey sauce which was pretty good as well. I think that I was full before they even brought out the meat ha-ha from all of the bread that was on the table. So it was a good experience I guess and now I can say I ate at the Meat Sword in Turkey ha-ha!!!

July 2011 005This was the appetizer/salads that was on the table when we sat down.

July 2011 009Me with the bread on a board for the meat sword.

July 2011 010

July 2011 011

July 2011 012Bringing out the meat on the sword

July 2011 013It took like 5 of the waiters to take the sword out so that it wouldn’t all fall apart

July 2011 014

July 2011 015

July 2011 016The desserts

July 2011 017

July 2011 018

So that was my first experience!!! Hope you enjoyed!! We are headed to site see tomorrow..wish us luck!! I'm driving ha-ha!! So more to come on that when we get back!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on Dave

Ok here is a little update on Dave and his knee!! He is doing so much better from the time I got here!! He is probably moving around about 85% better than when I got here. He goes to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up and hoping to get this cast off and put a soft cast or even a brace so that he can start walking around on it! Since he is already walking on it with the cast on but with crutches. Doctor said at the last appointment that the crutches will probably be taken away at tomorrow’s appointment. Dave’s “hard cast” is not so hard anymore because its extremely hot and very very humid here he has sweat so much that the cast is kind of soft and you can push it in…so why not put a soft cast or a brace on haha!!! Dave has been missing the gym! So off we went on Monday to the gym and he just did arm stuff and I ran on the treadmill! He took yesterday off cause he didn’t want to do the same thing 2 days in a row so I headed to the gym by myself to run on the treadmill while he rested his leg!! I think he did too much the day before walking around…without crutches..ooops haha!! He said the crutches were rubbing him raw!!! I don’t blame him, but ya know!!! Anyhow, I will have a better update tomorrow after the doctor appointment!!! But here is a picture of how is knee looks now..almost looks like a knee since the swelling is starting to go down more!!!


DSCN0150Its crazy how fast you lose your muscle…A week after surgery and he has absolutely 0 strength or muscle in his right leg Sad smile He will get it back quick im sure when he is able to start rehabing!!!

He is also going to ask the doctor when he will be able to travel because he is really wanting to see the girls! 4 months away is  a long time!! Right now we are looking at around the 24-29 of September to mid October..but we will see what he says and if there is leave available at his work!! Hope and pray there is!! The girls need their daddy!

Day Care

Since I needed to come to Turkey and take care of Dave after he had knee surgery, I had to start the girls in day care a bit earlier than they were suppose to start. They were originally suppose to start when school began August 22nd and were only going to go 2 days a week so that I could have some me time and maybe even substitute for Sealy ISD on the days they went to school. Well, I made a phone call and told the director of the day care what was going on and she said that they could start immediately!!! Wonderful!!! This was on Friday and they started on Monday!!! They dropped off at school really well the first day. They said that it seemed as if they had been in that environment for years!!! I was like that is wonderful news! She told me “mom no need to worry, we will take great care of them while you are gone, and help your mom out as much as we can!” The girls are loving it and so am I!!

Oh and I had the girls pretty much potty trained and in panties only before we started. They had a couple of accidents here and there when they started school but now are doing great!! Mom said they went the other day with 0 accidents!!! When we went to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago I let them ride in the car in panties for the 2 1/2 hour drive and would just stop every so often to let them go. They did awesome the whole weekend!! Made it 3 days in and out of cars for long periods of time with 1 accident!!! wahoo!!! Audrey pretty much stays dry the entire time!! Working on Addisyn to do the same!! Pretty much there though…but going to a restaurant is another story haha!!! They have to go to the bathroom like 50 million times….I don’t know if they just like to flush the toilet or what…but man, it gets tiring after the 2nd or 3rd time taking them haha!! Oh well at least they are going in the toilet!! Right???

So I know the girls are in good hands while I am in Turkey taking care of their dad!!! Its been a week so far, and I miss them like crazy!! I can only imagine how much Dave misses them being away 4-6 months or longer away from them! Dave just got his new computer in the mail on Monday since the other one pooped out! So we have been able to skype the girls every morning, afternoon for us, before they go to school and we really like that and think they do too!!!  so they eat breakfast with the computer in front of them so its like we are eating with them haha!! They look like they have grown already! I can’t wait to see them!! Thanks again mom and dad for watching them for me!! I really appreciate it more than you will know!!! So here are a couple of pictures of the girls getting them ready for their new school!!!!

addisynAddisyn and their new kicks for their new school!!!! I think they are sooo cute!

audreyAudrey on the way to their 2nd day of school! The day I left…She kept saying..”mommy go airplane for daddy’s knees.” Yep!! that’s where mommy went!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello From Turkey!

Hello from Turkey! I just wanted to give a little update on Dave!!! He is doing much better than he was when I first got here! Ok, here is the story on the broken knee!

Dave was playing basketball last Thursday the 14th. He went to go shoot a lay-up and his right knee gave out before he even left the ground. He said it felt like someone had ran into him causing him to fall. Then when he looked down he saw his knee and said he almost passed out. He said he tried to straighten his leg out and when he did it would just go back to the bent position. He had to ride an ambulance to the hospital off base to the Adana Hospital because he couldn't get off the ground. They put him on a stretcher, gave him some oxygen and off he went to get x-rays. They had told him that he had fractured the patella and that he would need to have surgery. So come to find out he had totally ruptured the patella tendons. He said his knee cap (patella) was up in his quad area....I know that sounds gross..and the dr told him that the tendons that hold the patella in place looked like spaghetti and was the worst irruption he had ever seen in his 40 years as an orthopedic surgeon. Dr said that it was a very difficult surgery to put back together. A week and a few days later it almost looks like a knee again! Still has some swelling but getting there. Dave has been on crutches with a hard cast that covers his entire leg. When I first got here he could barely get around. Today, he was walking without the crutches...not sure he is suppose to be doing that..haha...We went to the dr this past Friday and the dr said that it looks great and right on schedule with the healing process. Dave hates this opens so he can air out and do some exercises, but he asked if he could take it off and get a soft cast/brace and the dr kind of laughed at him and said no. He said at the next dr appointment which is this Thursday, that he would be taken completely off crutches and maybe get the soft cast/brace! So hopefully he will get that!!! He is completely off of his pain meds, and taking motrin only when needed!  I am glad that I got to come here to be able to take care of him and help him get around! I wish I was here for better circumstances but what can you do!!!

Im still very jet lagged haha and hope to be on somewhat of a schedule before I leave here lol.  I really miss the girls and this was the hardest thing I had to do. I have never been away from the girls for more than 2 days and im missing them like crazy!! But because I have such awesome parents to watch them for me, I got to come take care of my hubby!! I can never thank them enough for doing that for me!!! The girls are now in full time day care so that my mom and dad wouldn't have to miss their work and so the girls wouldn't get tossed around house, to house! They are loving it except for the bad cold they now have!! Mom is taking them to the dr today and try to get some meds before it turns into something bad!!  So thank you mom and dad for doing this for me!! I love yall so much and greatly appreciate it!!! I haven't gotten around to take any pictures here, but I plan too later in the week. We rented a car for the time that I am here so that Dave didn't have to ask for rides, get taxi's, or crutch around! So I am trying to be brave and drive these crazy, no rules, streets of Adana Turkey. These drivers are crazy haha..they have no lanes and make up their own rules lol..Pretty scary!!! Anyhow we are doing good and im glad to just get to sit around and spend some quality time with my hubby!! Its been a long 4 months!!! 11 more to go!!!

July 2011 004This is what his knee looked like before he went to the hospital for surgery…You can see his patella is not at all in the right place….

July 2011 005Going to his room at the hospital

July 2011 014Showing the difference in his knees

July 2011 016The view from his hospital room

July 2011 022Getting an iv

July 2011 028Probably talking to me haha!

July 2011 035They thought this was funny…its what they gave him to potty in haha!

July 2011 038On his way to surgery

July 2011 042This was after the surgery..see how is cast is cut so he can air out and ice.

July 2011 046Together again!

July 2011 047Yuck…he hates that it covers the whole leg Sad smile

Ill keep everyone updated on how its going!!