Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! I will have a real post after the holidays with lots of pictures!! The girls should love Christmas this year because they know how to tear into the presents...they have already tried!!! If you are safely!!!! 1 more week and my babies will be 2..I can't believe it..Until after the holiday!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

whats new?

So what's new behind once again!! I just can't find the time or energy to sit down and do this!! Anyways, we haven't really been much to anything. We had a nice little Thanksgiving with just us, Dave's cousin and his g/f and the girls of course! We had so much food it didn't even look like we touched it ha. We also went to have pictures made for our annual Christmas session! I just knew they were going to turn out horrible. They would not sit still for a second. Well Audrey wouldn't and Addisyn followed of course haha! We did get a few that turned out good! Like I said Audrey would not sit still...I had 1 picture of her individually to choose from and 1 of them to choose from of them together!!! But it all worked out because the once we got turned out cute I think!!! Hopefully next year will be better!!!

These were the pictures we took before we left to go get the real pictures done!!! You can probably tell how the shoot went from seeing these haha!

This is how the bow thing went haha!!! in and out!

Now I wish they took the pictures this good when we got them done!!!

Love hugs from my girls!

I thought this picture was so cute of Audrey and Dave!!!!

Yea...and this is how it went!!!

This is one of our good family photos! Taken by Ashley Phillips Photography

Addisyn wearing Danny's Superman hat!

Briana and Danny with the girls!

haha!!! Ready Whip!

And this was our feast for just 4 adults and 2 kids haha!

Addisyn after Thanksgiving lunch!

Audrey sleeping after lunch!!!
And of course Dave haha!! Everyone took a nap but me!!! I cleaned the kitchen and uploaded photos and ordered birthday invites!!!!!

Well thats all we have been up to..oh and I have Christmas shopped and completely done 3 weeks in advance haha!!! Well still have Dave to shop for but I am going to wait til the week of since he likes to be snoopy haha..I will be mailing gifts to the Midyett's side for Grandpa Dean, Nam Sun, Holly, Lillie, and Isabel!!! So thats all for now I think!!!