Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun at the Park!

So I started this post about 4-5 weeks ago and totally forgot to finish it because the pictures were taking forever to upload haha...We spent one Saturday morning at the park and the girls loved it and were worn out afterwards because we walked there..But anyways here are a few pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready for Fall???

Are you ready for fall??? I am!!!! I am ready for the cooler temperatures...I am ready for the pretty fall colors....I am ready for the good smellin candles!!! I am ready for the pumpkins, Halloween, thanksgiving!!!! I am tired of the heat..its beyond miserable...Its been nice the last couple of days...well in the mornings at the 70's...So we have been playing outside for a bit!!! The girls love the outside but not when its 100 degrees for months straight...Its no fun having to be couped up inside....So we are going to love being able to get outside more!!! That's all we have been up too...Yes not very much!!!! But here are some photos I finally took ha ha!!

Coloring before lunch


Waiting for the trashmen to come!!! He was down the street
Not quite sure why they feel the need to carry everything!!! "Superwomen"

Check out this stick!

Addisyn...finally got a good smile on camera!!

Audrey's new thing...CHEEESSSEEE!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oops!!! Its been almost a month since I posted last haha...And can you believe I have no pictures either!!! I have been so horrible at that...In the mean time we really haven't been up to anything good around here...My parents came for a visit this past weekend and we had a really nice time!!! We went to the zoo and the girls really enjoyed looking at all of the animals!! It was their first time to go and our first time to go to the Abilene Zoo!! We just relaxed and watched football the rest of the weekend!!!

So I am sure everyone knows...but we just found out 2 weeks ago that Dave will be going to Turkey in April for 1 whole year...Its going to be hard, but we have been apart before just without kids so it will be a lot different this time around..Before Dave and I got married we did the whole long distance thing..I finished up school and he was going through basic training, tech school, then moved to Alaska! And that was for at least a year and a half maybe longer being apart...After he is there for 6 months, he is aloud to come home and visit for at least 30 days and will then have to go back and finish the last 6 months...When the year is up, we get a follow on base because he is going to be doing a short tour...(1 year) which means we are moving when he is done!!! We will find out at the end of this month...beginning of October where we will be moving too!!! I wish we already knew but we have to wait haha...I hate waiting!!! Anyways until then yall can sit on the edge of your seat and wait with me haha!!!

I am in the process of looking for a job...I am trying to go back full-time hopefully! I will definitely need the job when Dave is gone to help time pass quicker..If I am sitting at home all day everyday with the girls...all I will be doing is looking a a clock and it will make the days seem like forever! So I am going to get a job, put the girls in day care which I think they will love being around other kids their age and get to be social!! Plus I think it will be really good for them!!! And I am hoping for this year to go by as quick as possible!!!! So in the mean time say some prayers for me that I get a job!!!! Anywho, sorry for the boring post with no pictures!! I need to get busy with that lol!!!!