Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Way Way Behind

So I am way way behind on blogging...Since the last time I made a post we have been to Sea World and had a nice visit with my Aunt and Uncle and little cousins and been in the hospital..Its been a lovely 2 weeks haha but we are all getting back in to our normal routine for now until we go out of town this weekend again ha!

So all the way back to Sea World...It was so so so so HOT!!!! We really didn't get to do much..we stood in line for a good 30-45 min when we got thereabout 1030..Then when we got in the girls were already hungry since it was around lunch time so we grabbed a bite to eat real quick.. then we decided we would try and go feed the dolphins..go figure they already ate haha!! So we just watched them swim around for a little bit and the girls really enjoyed it! Then it was off to the Shamu show..It was packed and there was not an empty seat in the house! the girls really enjoyed it..they were ooohhhh and ahhhh the whole time!!! Even clapping their hands!!! But like I said again...it was about 100 degrees + ...after the show, we went and put them in the stroller and they passed out haha!!! So we decided to leave! We didn't do a whole lot but what can you do ha!! We are going to try and go back when its cooler outside...maybe in october!

We went back to Uncle Joe and Roxanne's and spent some time at their neigborhood pool and then they had a cook out with some of their neighbors!!! It was a great time and I am really glad we got to visit with them..Connor and Camryn really enjoyed having the girls around and didn't want us to go!!! But Dave had to go back to work so we had too ha!!! Next time we won't take so long to visit!!! Also thank you so much for all the clothes!! Roxanne was so nice and gave us a bunch of Caitlyn's clothes that she grew out of for now, winter and even next summer!!! We really appreciate it!

Snack time already!!! Just got through the gate haha!

Watching the dolphins swim!

Tired of sitting! So they pushed ha!

Little water to cool me off!

Audrey waiting for the Shamu show to start!

Me and Addisyn..Poor thing look how hot she was :(


This is cool!!

Haha..this is the best picture that I got lol

Connor and Camryn loved the girls!!

Audrey pushing Caitlyn!

Last weekend...Audrey had woke up on Saturday morning with a fever of about 101...I gave her some tylenol and thought maybe it was just a little bug...She took a nap and woke up still with a fever...I thought she was just having a stomach ache because of the way she was sitting...Well the dr office closed at noon...so I thought I would try and take her to dr j's...she had an ant bite that got infected and it was swollen and very hard...they told me they couldn't do anything and that I needed to go to the ER...GREAT!!! so we drove over to the ER and sat...We were there for about 3 hours and only 1 person had been called back to a room..he came out with a broken arm...but no one else had been called back since then...come to find out we heard they didn't have any rooms to put anyone...I was like we will be here all night lol...So I called Audrey's dr and he prescribed something over the phone for her to take by mouth for the infection...He figured he knew what it was so he told us to come in on Sunday afternoon...So Sunday she still has a fever of 102 now...we go to the dr and he right away says..this is a Staph infection..me of course think the worst and start crying...trying to hold it in...but I couldn't...He told me he was going to admit her into the hospital and that she would be there for 2-3 days..he thought it was best if she got antibiotics through an IV because it was quicker...So off we went!!! Sorry if this is draggin on lol!!! Almost done! As we get to the hospital they were trying to put the IV in her...took them 7 times to find a good vein...OUCH! poor baby was worn out by then...So we got her all hooked up to the IV and got some anitibiotics in her! Monday a surgeon came in to look at her infection...he said yes I am definitely going to need to drain that...They had to put her to sleep and cut 2 small incisions in her to drain the infection...I felt so bad for her...It made me so sad...But it got better real quick after they drained it and we were out of there in 3 days!!! Long time with no sleep and Dave and I going back and forth from home to the hospital because one of us needed to stay with Addisyn!!!! They got so excited when they saw each other...even after Audrey got out of surgery and was still a little groggy from the sleepy medicine they put her on...she saw Addisyn and immediately snapped out of it and wanted to play...But anyways...its been a week since then and with the medicine, and several days of bath's 3-4 times a day for 20 min each we are almost completely healed up..she still has 2 days left of the antibiotic she is on but it looks almost 100 % better!! Sorry the pictures are out of order here...

Audrey after getting her iv

Addisyn! Had to get her in here!!

This was Audrey before the hospital :(

Feeling a little better...