Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Pictures!!

Ok well we really haven’t been up to much of anything lately..Dave got home Friday afternoon and we have just been hanging out around the house really..So here are just some pictures that I have taken..



Waiting for Daddy to come home!!!


Yay!! He is home!


They are really starting to play with baby dolls..




Daddy brought us a present!


Look at our shirts!!!…Dave went to a couple of Cardinals games while he was at training and brought us all a shirt!




See impossible to take a picture…not a good one because of the sun ha…maybe I shouldn’t have taken it facing it haha!!! oh well look at their faces lol…Audrey’s tongue is out and Addisyn’s eyes are half open lol!




Audrey…I thought this was cute!


Feeding the baby


Just me hanging out at my next door neighbor’s house!


And of course Dave and I!

So thats it for now ha!! We are going to San Antonio this weekend to go to Sea World and also visit my Uncle and Aunt and cousins!!! So excited! So Ill probably update again until we get back from Sea World!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

oops ha!

Sorry about my last post...the entire post almost is posted into the title and it won't let me copy and paste it into the body haha!! So sorry!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Catching Up!!!So im a week behind on this post but better late than never right???!!!! Dave left last Sunday morning to head to Scott AFB, IL. He made the trip a 2 day trip so that he wouldn't have to drive 13 + hours in one day. This was a short training, he will be back this coming Friday!! So in the mean time, to help pass the time, my grandparents came up last Tuesday and left Thursday morning! It was great to see them and just hang out with them..Wednesday morning we all got ready and headed out to show them around base...we also stopped and got a little history lesson on a few of the air planes...after that we went to the BX and had lunch iin the food court..Then it was back to the house for a nap..since everyone was taking a nap..I laid out in the sun..but it was real hot so that only lasted about 30 min...The rest of the time was just a nice relaxing visit at the house...We had a great time!! Thanks for coming to see us! The girls had a wonderful time and so did I!!! This weekend we really didn't do too much..I did my normal routine really...Breakfast, walk, play time, lunch...nap time..snack, play time...dinner, is my schedule pretty much everyday haha!!! I let the girls play outside in the sprinkler and they really enjoy that...they could play out there for hours if I let them but it gets too hot!! This morning I needed to mow the back I turned the sprinkler on real low, got out some buckets and toys and they played while I worked out real nicely!!! Since Dave isn't here, I have to do the inside and outside chores!!! I dont mind...gets me a little work out!!! Anywho, thats all we have been up too...not much of anything exciting!!!! So until next time!!! Here are some pictures!

Watching their Daddy leave for Scott AFB


Addisyn wanted to go..after he left she went  to put her shoes on lol and stood at the door..she is a total Daddy’s girl!!


Going to look at the Air Planes


Come on..your walking too slow


Audrey learning a bit of history


Addisyn’s turn


the girls with their great grandparents!


Addisyn was more interested in the rocks


Audrey loves the Air planes


Checking out the pretty flowers!! Addisyn and Grandpa


This is a great smile of Audrey!


Addisyn was more interested in the water leaking from the faucet than the sprinkler ha


Audrey loves to play put water in the buckets


We wanted to sit in it


This is soooo much fun!


Have to get a photo of me in there ha! Catching some sun rays while they play!


Addisyn sat in this bucket for a good 30 min straight


Me and Audrey!




Mom I don’t want to take a picture


It was so hot..time for a ice pop!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

18 Months old

Can you believe the girls turned 18 months old this past Saturday? Man its almost time to start planning their 2nd birthday lol!!!! Anywho, its been a wonderful year and a half!!! I never knew how much you can love a person until my 2 miracle babies came into this world!!!! They are so much fun!!! Even though they get into everything, throw tantrums, fight, etc…I still love them just the same!!!!! Lets see what they are up to these days!!!

Addisyn and Audrey are:

*Using the potty and wearing undies while at home…they are starting to have no accidents and if they do its only down to 1 a day!!! I put a pull-up on them when we go somewhere and they are usually dry most times..and at night they still get a diaper but are sometimes dry and just a little wet when they wake up!!!! I am very proud of them!!!! It is definitely making my diaper bill less!

*Can point to their nose, ears, eyes, mouth, fingers, toes, hair, belly button

*Can high 5

*Can say please (pease) and thank you (tanktu)

*Use a fork and spoon, well when they want too ha

*Addisyn is in 12 month clothes but on the verge of moving up to 18 months, well not the pants haha!!! Audrey is in 18 month clothes and about to go on up to 24 months!!!

*Go to bed about 8-830 and sleep til 730-800

*For the most part they are good at sharing but sometimes they take toys from one another just like any other toddler their age ha

*They love to play with other kids and do very well with them when they get the chance!

*Take one long nap a day about 2-3 hours

*Audrey weights about 24 pounds and Addisyn still about 20…but they are getting taller

*starting to learn their colors better but its not down yet but close!

addisyn and audrey 004

Audrey a year ago today!!!!! Just learned to sit up by herself!!!

addisyn and audrey 003

Addisyn and Audrey..Man they have changed so much!

addisyn and audrey 010 

Addisyn a year ago today!!!

addisyn and audrey 003 

Love it!!!


And this is now of course!!!

4th of July Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend!!! Since Dave had a 4 day weekend, we left Thursday when he got off work and headed down to Corpus Christi, TX.  It rained off and on the whole way down since Hurricane Alex had just gone through. But it wasn’t too bad. We got in about 1030 that night which was nice because we had a full 3 days to relax and hang out! We didn’t do too much on Friday but hang out with family!!! It was nice to catch up and see everyone!!!

Saturday we decided to pack up and head to Port Aransas to meet our friends Jeff and Candace who were down for the holiday weekend!!! We haven’t seen them in over a year and we had a great time!!! We headed over to the beach and spent about 4-5 hours out there!! The girls had a blast and we had an awesome time hanging out with our friends we haven’t seen in forever!!! 

Then Sunday, the 4th, we headed out to the Midyett lake house!!! We only planned to be out there a couple hours and ended up staying out there about 6 hours!! We had so much fun!!! Audrey of course loves the water and had no problem getting in and splashing around, but Addisyn on the other hand..takes a little bit to get use to it..They also enjoyed their first boat ride and got to watch their daddy ski!!!! Its been a while since he has skied so he was a little sore the next day but he did well! After the long day at the lake and getting sunburned, we headed back to Corpus to take showers and grab something to eat…then it was off to watch the fireworks!!! It was kind of late so they were kind of cranky, but Audrey really enjoyed it!!!! Addisyn at times would stop and watch but other than that she had had it for the night and was ready to go to bed!!! All and all it was a great weekend!!! Here are some pictures!!! Enjoy there are a lot!!!!!