Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dave’s 29th Birthday!!!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Dave’s 29th birthday! That means this is his last year to be in the 20’s!!! He got the option from his work to play in a fundraiser golf tournament with his senior or go to work! Well of course he chose to play golf!!! So while he was out..the girls and I decided to go to walmart and get some stuff to make Daddy a cake!!! I let them help me and they really enjoyed it!!! Dave was very surprised when he got home around 315 that he had a birthday cake with 29 candles on it waiting for him!!!! Yes I put 29 candles on it!!! Love it!!! I had also gotten him a new golf bag that he got 2 weeks ago because his other one ripped!!!!

Dave I hope you had a great birthday!!! We love you so much there aren’t enough words to describe!!! You are a great husband and father and we couldn’t ask for anything more!!! So happy birthday!!! We love you!!!!!

We are leaving Thursday evening when Dave gets off work. His cousin Danny will be riding down with us!! So about 5 we will be on the road and headed south..I hope the hurricane will be gone by the time we get there haha because I want some beach time while we are there!!! The girls love the water and I think they will have more fun this time around because I won’t be by myself with 2, we will have Dave with us!!! wahoo!!! We are still waiting on Dave to hear about his training that will be in Illinois for 2 weeks, but he thinks that his class will begin on the 12th…so that maeans he will have to leave next Saturday morning to get there by that Monday!  Anyway, here are some pictures from Dave’s birthday!!!


First you pour the mix


Then you stir it


Hey give me a turn


Thats better, now I have my own


Then you lick it


Then you wait


Here is our finished product!!! I wasn’t very good with the writing but hey, looks like they did it right!?!?!?!


Enjoying dinner at Chili’s


Yum!!! Addisyn loves corn on the cob!!!!


Dave with his cake!


Singing happy birthday


Time to blow out the candles


Enjoying the yummy cake


This is so good!! We did a good job!!!

Until next time!!! Have a great 4th of July Holiday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Stroll Around the Base!

So this morning I decide that the girls needed to get out of the house instead of doing our normal morning routine..which lately has consisted of the bathroom ha…I have been putting them on the toilet every 30 min-1 hour and once one is done, I put the other on…then its time for the other to go back on…Ya, so they are getting better and holding it longer now so hopefully I won’t be doing that much longer haha!!! I mean its only been 4 days since I bought the panties and they seem to be getting better each day!!!!

Anyways, on with my story! I decided to take the girls on a walk in the stroller and go look at the air planes here on base..they really haven’t seen the air planes so I thought I would take them!!! Dave said…"isn’t that a long walk?” I was like “Yes, but we don’t have anything else to do so why not lol!!!” It is about 1.2 miles to the front gate and about another 1/2 mile to all the air planes…So we stopped and looked at a few..I let them get out and go touch them..but Addisyn wanted nothing to do with them.,..I think she was scared of how big they were..not too sure ha…Audrey loved it!! So anyway, I figured since we had already walked almost 2 miles…might as well keep going…we finished the walk and took the route that I have been running at night..It is a total of 4.34 miles..I only run 4 miles and walk the rest..maybe a few more times of it and I can run the whole thing ha!!! Yes it was a bit long, but hey..I had some ice cream last night..oh and it was delicious..so I needed to walk it off!! And tonight I will do my regular run I do everyday!!! I think I am going to start taking them on walks in the morning before it gets too toasty out!!! But not a 2 hour plus walk ha!!!


On our way out!!


The first plane we stopped at…Addisyn is trying to get away…


Audrey loved looking at it!!!


Second plane..Audrey running over to it!


Checking things out!


Look mom, I am touching the tire!!!


Audrey! Let me in..I think I can fly this one..its my size!



This is what Addisyn did when I let them out to go look at the planes haha


enough pictures already


Snack time!!!




If you look real closely..there is a baby squirrel poking its head out of the ground..there were about 3 of them that went into the hole.


I'm done with my treat..give me yours


And this was at the end of our journey around the base!!!!! One zonked out and the other just sitting listening to the music!! I had my iPod on my phone going so we had some tunes through the whole trip!

Oh and here is an updated photo!!!!! I have lost 31 pounds to date!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day!


Daddy and his girls!!!

Well we didn’t do anything real exciting for Father’s day except the usual hang around the house kind of day! This morning the girls woke up bright and early around 630…(everyday) I think its too bright in their room ha! So I got up and made a yummy breakfast for all of us..well for Dave! He requested pancakes because they sounded good…So I made blueberry pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon!!! It sure was yummy!

Then Dave wanted to go to the store and buy what he wanted to have for dinner..since today is his day..So Dave and Audrey went and got a nice rib eye steak while Addisyn and I just hung out here at home!!!!! YUM YUM! Doesn’t that sound amazing! I made a marinade and the steak was nice and juicy!!


Mommy and Addisyn hanging out while Audrey and daddy were at the store!

When he got home, I did my usual run for the day..not as long but at least I did it ha!!! I have been running outside since Thursday and its getting a bit easier now…I was running on the treadmill but running outside is way different and harder because you are actually having to push yourself ha!!! So I run about 2.5 miles a day outside and am hoping to do more as time goes on!!! Gotta lose this last 15 pounds to reach my goal weight!!! 30 pounds down!

After that, I had a baby shower to go too! So while I was gone the girls took a nap, and when they woke up, Dave took in the backyard for a little sprinkler fun!!! Looks like they really enjoyed it by the looks on their faces!!! Then after the sprinklers, they enjoyed a nice yummy snack of Watermelon!!!


Audrey loves the water


Addisyn playing in the water


Addisyn waiting to play!


Audrey looks like she is enjoying the hot weather!

So when I got back from the baby shower, we cooked dinner…rested for about 30 min and then went on a family walk for about 25 min!!! All and all it was a nice Father’s Day!!!!


Dave doing what he does best!!! Grilling!




Playing in the yard while daddy cooks the steak!


So happy Father’s Day Dave!!! You are not only a great husband but you are a fantastic daddy to our 2 little girls!!! I love you!

And to my Daddy!! Happy Father’s Day!!! I hope you had a great day!!!! You are the best daddy a daughter could ever ask for!!! You have done so many things for me and my family and I really appreciate it!!! I love you with all my heart!!!

And to Grandpa David! Hope you had a great father’s day too!!!

And to Great Grandpa Midyett, Great Grandpa Prenzler, Great Grandpa Glowacz, and Great Grandpa Dorman!!!! Hope yall all had a wonderful Father’s Day!!!

I think we might be headed down to Corpus on July 2nd..We think Dave has that Monday after the 4th off (we will find out for sure tomorrow) But as of right now we are planning to come enjoy a nice weekend with the Midyett’s!!! Maybe even hit up the beach!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010



So yesterday it occurred to me that the girls were very interested in the potty. So I thought to myself, is it too early? I mean they are only 17 months old lol…so why not go ahead and try out potty training while they are interested and see where it takes us!!! I already had one potty but they fought over it of course so off to walmart today I went to buy another!!!  Turns out they didn’t really like the one that I bought today because it doesn’t make any sounds like the other one I already had…bummer ha..

So after the girls took a nap we went swimming for about an hour..when we got home I decided that maybe it would be a good time to sit them on the potty and try it out since I was taking their swim diapers off and putting regular dry ones on! Sat them down and yayyyy!!!! Audrey went potty!!!! I was like alright awesome!!!! This was a about 415 this afternoon!!! Addisyn just thought she would play on it ha!! So I got all excited and clapped my hands!!! Went on to cook dinner..about 445 I thought I would put them on it again…Yayyy!!!!! Audrey went again!!! Woo hoo…easier than I thought ha!!!! Addisyn, no luck, just up and down! So about 515 I tried again…and Audrey wanted nothing to do with it ha!!!…So I went on with dinner and then we ate. After dinner I thought I would take the seat off the new potty I bought today and attach it to the toilet…considering Addisyn just wanted to play lol…So it turns out Audrey does better on the singing potty and Addisyn likes the big potty with the attached seat on it…anyways…after dinner put them on the potty…Addisyn…Yayyyy!!!! went potty!!!! Audrey no luck lol…about 30 minutes later.,..tried again!!!! Yayyy!!!! Addisyn went potty…Audrey, no luck!!!! I thought that was pretty good for a first couple of hours of trying!!!! So we will do it again tomorrow right when they wake up!!!! Hopefully tomorrow they will continue to go in the potty and have more dry diapers!!! Man wouldn’t that be awesome haha!!! Diapers are breaking us haha!!! Not really, but they are expensive when you have 2 in diapers!!!

Well I just thought I would share….

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Hanging Around at Home!!

summer 2010 001

the girls watching mickey mouse club house!

summer 2010 004

Addisyn being silly!!

summer 2010 013

Audrey thought she was funny!

summer 2010 016

Me and my baby girls!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What have we been up to!!!!???!!!!

This is going to be a very very long post with lots of pictures!!! So beware haha!!!! I mean really, its been a month and I have lots of stuff to share!  Well I am going all the way back to my dad’s birthday which was May 22nd. Yes I think it has been longer than that since I have put an update besides writing that little bit I did last night!!! Oh well, that is what happens when you move right??!!

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated my dads birthday with our family and some friends!!! It was just great being around everyone and enjoying the day on his special day!!! He grilled fajitas (beef, chicken, and pork) and they were very yummy..and of course had all of the fixings to go with it!!! Then we just sat outside and enjoyed the night watching the girls play, and the adults play a little bit of washers!!! All and all it was a fun night!!!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 087

Um hey, that is my cup ha!!! They were passing the sippy cup around. They did not seem to want their own lol!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 085 

Sitting around enjoying the nice weather! The birthday boy in his new chair mom got for him for his birthday!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 091

Ruby making sure Addisyn didn’t fall ha! This was her, up and down…We sure do have some climbers on our hands

bellville april 2010-may 2010 098

Sisters!!! On Jennifer’s good side ha!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 100

Me and grandma Jackson!!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 102

Me and Haylee! Love this picture!!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 103

I brought out some bowls for them to put rocks into..they didn’t even want toys…this was their entertainment for the night!!! They had so much fun!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 109

Grandpa and his grandbaby girls….Audrey, Madi, and Addisyn..they were getting tired at this point

bellville april 2010-may 2010 111

Daddy and his baby girls!

bellville april 2010-may 2010 113

Grandma and Audrey

bellville april 2010-may 2010 115

Grandma playing a game of washers with Travis!

New Home

So the Monday after my dads birthday the girls and I headed back to good ole Abilene, TX…what we call home for now!!! The housing office on the base had been giving me a hard time about getting a house because we didn’t have anything showing that we were staying here at Dyess due to Dave’s training and going to a new job. I had something that Dave printed out for me saying we were staying here so that I could get a house and they told me that it wouldn’t work. That is why I came back a week early so that I could show it to them in person because I didn’t think that they understood what I was talking about over the phone..and sure enough it worked!!! They sat me down and offered me a house right away! I had 24 hours to accept it…so I went to look at it and decided to accept it because almost all of the houses are exactly the same besides the 4 bedrooms..I asked how to get a 4 bedroom and they told me to have another kid….oooookkkkk haha!!! So with a few signatures I had the keys to the house by 415 that afternoon!!!! Yay I can move in ha!!!

june 2010 021

june 2010 022 

I had my storage delivered that Wednesday. The housing office on base told me that I had 24 hours that I can have it sitting in my driveway. Great lol. I am by myself, with twins, how the heck am I going to unload this thing by myself and have it off my driveway. Well with some nice friends of ours, and co-workers of Dave’s, about 7 guys came over and unloaded my storage in about 35 minutes!!! I think it would have taken me 35 hours to do it alone haha!!! They even went to my other storage to pick up our couches and tvs and brought it back to the house…and the guys that didn’t go, stayed at the house and put my furniture where it needed to go and put together!!! I can never be so thankful to have the help that I did!!! I got them pizza and sweet tea, because that is what they wanted!!!! They were definitely a life saver!!! With no tv or internet, I had the house all in order by the time Dave got home from school a week later!!!! So it is great to have something to call home again for now!!!

june 2010 023

Look even my truck fits in the garage!!!! We have an oversized garage and its really nice! There is room for Dave’s truck and motorcycle if we ever get to cleaning it out ha!

june 2010 003

Laundry room….my new washer and dryer…I love them!

june 2010 008

This is off of the kitchen..I made it the girls playroom and our computer is there too.

june 2010 009

june 2010 024

june 2010 025

june 2010 026

june 2010 027

june 2010 028

living room….I still want to hang some decorations on the left on each side of that picture

june 2010 033

spare room

june 2010 032

guest bath

june 2010 031

master..excuse the mess ha

june 2010 036

The girls room…I still have to hang their curtains..


Dave’s New Job

So Dave started his new job about a week after he returned home from tech school. He is enjoying it right now, but he is also still in the training mode. Right now he is working 730-430 monday-friday so that is nice to have him home for dinner. He will be on this schedule probably for about 6 months then start the schedule that everyone else works….6-6, 2 on, 2 off, 3 on 2 off….or something along those lines….So he will have to work on weekends and holidays if the days he works falls on those days…I think it comes out to him working every other weekend..Not sure though until he gets on that schedule which is a while away!! He also found out that he still has a couple more weeks of training…so in the middle of July he will be leaving again and heading to Scott AFB in Illinois for 2 weeks….at least this is a short one and he will be back in no time hopefully!!! We should be able to keep pretty busy with it being summer and the pool is open!!!

What is New with the Girls!!!??

Well Addisyn and Audrey are really starting to do a lot more these days!!!! They will go from playing together, giving each other hugs and kisses, to fighting over toys and biting each other haha!!! But I guess that is an almost 18 month old for you!!! Can you believe its been almost a year and a half since they were born…I sure can’t!

They are really starting to talk a lot more to where you can actually understand some of their jibber jabber!!!!

Words they are saying:

  • mama, dada, bapa (grandpa), bama (grandma), dog, light, moo (cow), donda (donkey) lol..baa (sheep), tanktu (thank you), hi, bye-bye, banket, night night, baby, Assyn (Addisyn), and don ta (don’t touch)!

I am sure there are plenty more, but that is what I have right now!!!!

Audrey is weighing about 24-25 pounds and about 32 1/2 inches long.

june 2010 010

Addisyn is weighing about 20 pounds and about 30 inches long.

june 2010 006

Don’t mind the food on her face!!! She just got done eating lucky charms for breakfast and I snapped a picture before I cleaned her up haha!

I have also moved them into a toddler bed instead of their cribs. I was afraid it was going to be too early to do that, but I had no choice because when I took Addisyn’s bed apart I broke something that the rail hooks on to. They are actually doing really well. They stay in it all night and they take one nap a day now.

june 2010 016


june 2010 017


I just put them on a new schedule and it seems to be working out great!!!!

Wake up at 645-730, Nap time 1130-200, and bed time at 800pm. It seems to be working out great and I like the 2-2 1/2 hour break during the day!!

june 2010 015

I have been working with them on their shapes and colors…I think they are finally starting to understand and when I say what it is…they put it in that hole…So they are able to match it right away!!!

june 2010 018

I also started letting them color…They really enjoy it…right now its just lines on paper but hey, you have to start somewhere and at least it goes on the paper haha!!! I also think that Addisyn is going to be left handed and Audrey is going to be right..

june 2010 019

Audrey drawing a picture…I still need to get them a little table to sit at…They are sitting here because I didn’t want them drawing on my table and on the floor..

june 2010 038

So I come around the corner to find this ha!!!! Yes a whole role of toilet paper on the floor…wasted!

So I hope this long blog will tie yall over until my next one…Hopefully I can get back on a weekly blog post again!!!! So until next time!!!