Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Way behind....

Well, there is nothing new about me being way behind on blogging ha ha!!! I guess this post will go all the way back to Mother's Day! It was a good day..We had a nice visit with the great grandmas and grandpas that came over and of course grandma and grandpa Glowacz! We all got together at my moms house for lunch!! Steak, potatoes, broccoli, and corn!!! It was very yummy!!! Dave wasn't able to be here because he is still at school, but he did send me some very pretty roses!!!!
My pretty roses Dave had sent to me!!! I love them, they were beautiful!

Me and my baby girls on Mother's DAy!!!

We were all sitting outside waiting for the steaks to be done!!! They love to climb in and out of this stroller!

The next weekend we went to meet Dave about halfway in Lafayette, Lousiana. He really missed the girls, so he wanted to see them!! Well me too of course ha ha!! It was a very short but nice visit!!! The weather wasn't all that nice while we were there so we did a lot of indoor stuff. We wanted to go swimming at the hotel, but when we walked down to look at it..the pool was green, I was like we are not going in there...that pool looks nasty...don't they know how to clean pools in Louisiana??? So that was disappointing. We rested a bit, then we went and ate dinner at Outback and had a yummy steak!! I have figured out that the girls never sit in the high chairs at the restaurants so I said lets try a booster seat. Yes! Finally they will sit in a booster chair without us having to old them while we eat....I probably just jinxed myself lol!!! Oh well..it worked that weekend ha! After we ate we headed over to the mall to check it out. They had lots of stores!!! It was a pretty large mall!!! So we walked around. After that we decided to take the girls to the park. They really enjoy swinging and going up and down the slides!!!! After being there about 45 min, it was time to head back to the hotel and get the girls washed up and put to bed!!!!

This picture was taken Saturday morning before we headed out! Yes they have their fingers in their mouths lol....they are teething!

Saturday....Well it rained on and off all day. There wasn't a lot of stuff to do in Lafayette, so we hung around the hotel, went to the mall again...bought the girls a couple of outfits, dave some shorts...then for the entertainment of the night..we headed over to Chuck E Cheese's! The girls really enjoy riding all the rides they have for little kids! Thats about all we can do at their age!! BUt we were there for a couple of hours and by the time we looked at a clock it was already 8. We enjoyed pizza and just had good quality time together as a family!!! It was really nice!!!! The girls really loved having their daddy around!!! We have all missed him and its only been 5 weeks. 2 weeks left until he is back in Abilene!!!

I think Audrey will be the driver of the 2! She loves to turn the wheel and then doesn't want to get out when its over!!!! They are driving the jeep!

Here they are again!!! Look who has their hand on the steering wheel! Audrey!!

Addisyn loved this John Deer Tractor!! She didn't want to get off of it!!!! Our little farmer!

Daddy helping Audrey! Addisyn was afraid of that fake man sitting in the car, so she did not want to go in it ha ha!!
This is how Addisyn played ski ball!!! She actually tried to climb in the rings you put the ball in to get points!
Audrey assissting Daddy in the video game!

I am going to be going back to Abilene on Sunday! My goal is to try and get a house on base!!! I really miss having my stuff and my own bed!!! Im sure the girls miss having their beds too rather than sleeping in a pack n' play for the last 8 weeks. We are actually going to make their cribs into toddler beds when we move into a house....any suggestions on how to keep them in their bed to go night night before we start this haha!!! The reason we are doing toddler beds already is because when I was taking Addisyn's bed apart, I kind of broke something on the railing that goes up and down...oops!!! Looks like we are going to have big girl beds early!!!! Anyways...this was probably a long drawn out post...but it should hold yall over another month right haha????? JK..probably at least until I get my computer out of storage! Hopefully within the next 2 weeks!!!! Until next time!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Did yall think that we disappeared???? Well we are still here haha!!! So the girls and I made a trip to Corpus to see the Midyett's! It was a great visit...relaxing and playing outside is all we did..but it was nice!!!! Oh wait, we had some yummy food thanks to Harmony!!! Thank yall for having us!!! We did go to the beach 1 time and the girls really enjoyed it....I didn't get any pictures because my battery died on my camera...So thats really all we have been up to is hanging around the house, playing outside and getting a nice sun tan!

When I came back to Bellville last Wednesday...the girls had been real whiny for about a week or so...I thought it was just their teeth because they are getting their back molars in right now. I thought I should take them to a Dr and see what was going on with them..well I had already gotten a referral the week before for Addisyn so I took her first...and of course she had an ear infection in both ears...yuck..well no wonder she was so whiny...we got her on some medicine and the next day she was feeling much better and being more like herself again!!! I got Audrey a referral but it takes a day to get approved so I took her the next day..She had an ear infection in both ears too...man. Well they have been on the meds about 4 days now and are doing almost 100 % better!!!

So we are about 3 weeks into Dave being gone at school and I feel like its been forever ago since he left..We miss him very much! The girls and I are actually going to meet him in Louisiana the weekend of the 14th! We can't wait! He really misses the girls..and me too of course haha!!! So that should be a great weekend and we are really looking forward to it!! He has 4 weeks of school left and after we visit, we will only have 2 weeks to go!!!! I will actually be going back to Abilene around May 25th, about a week before he comes back!!! I have a few things I need to take care of!!! Hopefully by then Dave will have his orders and we can get a house on base!!! I miss my things haha!!!! Anywho, in the mean time we have been having a nice stay here with grandma and grandpa Glowacz!!! They are really helping me a lot with the girls and I greatly appreciate it!!! Anywho, here are a few pictures! Maybe next time it won't take me a month to post a new blog haha!

I decided to get the girls this little baby pool so that they can play in the sun and not eat rocks haha...lasted about a day haha!! But they had fun
Grandpa taking Audrey for a ride on the tractor!
Addisyn's turn!!! they loved it!