Saturday, April 10, 2010

Living at the parents/grandparents house!

So we made it out of Abilene and down to Bellville, TX. We are getting settled in and just trying to relax a bit..if you want to call it that haha!!! Dave leaves on Tuesday morning to make the drive to Mississippi for tech school!!! He will be gone for 7 weeks....I hope it goes by quickly!!! Hopefully when he gets to tech school they will give him his hard copy orders saying that we are staying at Dyess so that we can get on the waiting list to get a house on base...its hard not having all of your things and it all being in a storage..Oh are a few pictures from this week down here in Bellville!

So we said goodbye to our first home..It was kind of sad because it was the first big thing Dave and I bought being married. It was a good first home, but now we can only hope for bigger and better things to come!!!! You never know where we will end up being with the military and all!!!!

So my parents pasture is filled with wild flowers!!!! they have 10 acres of this!!! very pretty so we thought we would get a few pictures in the Texas state flower!!! Also known as the Bluebonnet!

Audrey and Addisyn checking out the pretty flowers!...At first they didn't know what to think about it..then they thought it was fun! Then they were like, get me out of here haha!

Look at the Bluebonnet's Audrey!

Pretty girls!!! With grandma's help, we were lucky to get one of them together, looking at the camera and smiling!!!

Here mom, here is a flower!

Last night we went to a small winery in Bellville. It was very pretty out there with a pretty sunset. Here is my baby girls and myself!
Daddy and his girls! I love this picture!!