Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy, busy

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Ok so dave and I have been very busy these last couple of weeks. We have Been packing with 2 one year olds at your feet, putting stuff in storage, cleaning, and of course Dave had to work we closed on our house today. We are now officially homeless ha ha! But that's ok, Dave leaves for tech school in a week and he will be gone for about 7 weeks!!! We will miss him, but being around family should keep us busy and make the time go by quickly...hopefully!!! It's so weird not going to our house....we are staying with a friend until we head down to my parents house. We will stay there until Dave is done with school, then we will be back in Abilene and hopefully have a house. Our plan is to live on base because Dave can still get orders at anytime to go somewhere new and we don't want to have to go throuh the stressful process of selling a house again. So that is our plans!!!!! I am not hooked up to a computer right now so I will be posting from my phone! Until next time! Hope everyone has a great Easter!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Way Behind….

Ok so I am way behind on blogging…sorry :) I have been real busy trying to pack! Dave works, I pack and try to entertain the girls at the same time haha!!! Fun stuff!!!! I put stuff in boxes, they take it out haha!!! But anyways its coming together and just hoping everything works out and goes through. We are down to 12 days until we are suppose to be moved out and clean completely…which is not a whole lot of time. I have really been stressing out lately because we are running out of time and they still have yet to come appraise the house. I was hoping it would come this week just in case the number came back too low and we would have to figure something out before I packed everything…but no such luck..I am probably jinxing myself by packing and then something will happen and I will have to unpack everything haha!!! That is just my luck!!! NONE!!! But anyways here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks…we went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese 2 weeks ago and I am just posting haha.



Addisyn! I finally can put their hair up in a small pony tail!!! She will not keep it in for more than 2 sec! long enough for me to snap a picture and as soon as I turn my head its gone haha!


Audrey!! excuse her red cheeks, they just woke up from their nap…Audrey on the other hand loves the bows!!! She is constantly pointing at the bow holder cause she wants one haha!

march 2010

Coming along…Some of the boxes from the hall closet and the girls room, then their are several more boxes in the spare room

march 20101 

Our bedroom…these boxes are just from the closet haha!! too much stuff…not even half done

march 2010 010

Addisyn loved the ponies! Thats all they wanted to do was ride on it haha!

march 2010 015

checking it out!

march 2010 017

Addisyn with Barney

march 2010 022

Audrey’s turn

march 2010 026

Audrey! They are such big girls now! They both held on by themselves as it went round and round

march 2010 023

Driving Chuck E’s car


march 2010 031

This is cool!!!! Addisyn checking everyone out from up high!

march 2010 034

Audrey’s turn to check everyone out!!! They are looking at the same thing lol

march 2010 036

And this is what I do all day…They are either under the chairs like Addisyn is in this picture or they are on top of the table haha…constantly all day…never stops!!! Oh the joys of climbing 1 year olds!!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


If you have not already heard through me or someone else, we sold our house today!!! This guy came to look at it 4 times haha!!! Man, who would have thought you would have to look at a house that many times to know if it feels like home to you! But anyways, we got in an offer today and went back and forth for a couple of hours and finally agreed…5 weeks on the market…not bad huh? Anyways, we are not coming out on top with this house considering we still owe pretty much what we bought it for haha!!! But its alright…we can save some money now for a few months while Dave is gone at tech school!!! So right now we are still in the option period for the next 10 days…praying still that the house appraises for what we need!! If it does!! we are good to go!!! As of right now the closing date and day that we have to be completely moved out of our first home :( is March 31st. So that gives us about  3 1/2 weeks. We are not going to start packing until we get that appraisal!!! But anyways!!! Thats the news of the week!!