Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, Dave finally found out some information on when he will be leaving us to go to tech school for his new job. He will Leave April 12th and his class starts April 14th and will graduate June 2nd.  So it will be just the girls and myself for 7 weeks.   What will we do haha!! They told him that he will be getting an assignment for the new job during tech school. So that would put that about middle of May we should know where we will be getting stationed at. We have decided to go ahead and put our house on the market, hopefully next week. So we will have lots of prepping to do this weekend to get ready for the sell! Our realtor said average time a house sits on the market in Abilene is 4-6 months, so we thought we would start now so that we might have a sell when Dave graduates and its time for us to move!!! So ya, thats our big news!!! We will be very busy for a while now!!!

We will be sad to sell our first house together and our first house the girls lived in. We will also be sad that we might be moving further away from our family and friends, but will be looking forward as to what the future has to bring to us. If we are put over seas, its a once in a life time experience and we could always end up right back here in a few years. There is a 50-50 chance we could stay here, but we will see. Over seas is a big chance where we will end up! It will be exciting to go and see different cultures if that is where we will go. But dont worry its only for a few years then we come back!!!! But anyways until we know more..wish us luck on selling the house!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Been a while….

12 Month Check-up:


16 pounds 13 ounces

27 1/4 inches long

He said she is still growing right along her curve and doing fantastic!!!!


21 pounds

28 3/4 inches long

50th percentile in height and weight

They are both doing awesome and are very healthy.

Their next check-up will be at 15 months. We don’t really have anything new going on around here except working and playing the waiting game for Dave’s training dates. But as soon as we hear something we will let everyone know!!! Hopefully soon!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Addisyn and Audrey

Audrey a year ago today!
Addisyn a year ago today

Wow I cant believe our baby girls turned 1 today. It is so hard to believe that it has been a year already...time has really flown..I hope it slows down some!!!! We had their birthday party yesterday and had a really good turn out! I think about 20 people in my house...a little crowded but we did it!!! The girls had not been feeling well and had a really bad cough and wheezy..So Saturday morning before their party we got up and took them to the dr. Well turns out they both have bronchitis and a double ear infection...poor babies..,The dr said that Audrey was almost borderline from being admitted into the hospital because she was breathing so badly. She got 2 shots in her legs and they both have to be on a breathing treatment every 1-2 hours. They are also on a steroid medicine and another antibiotic for their ears...poor babies I feel so bad..I think Audrey is starting to feel a little bit better..it might be taking her longer because she was so bad..but its only been 2 days..so hopefully she is better tomorrow! Addisyn on the other hand might be going backwards...hopefully not but I am going to keep a close eye on her and if she is not better tomorrow then I am taking her back to the dr to be checked again!
We wanted to thank everyone that came to celebrate with us!!! We really appreciate you being here. I want to give a special thanks to my mom and sister for all your help in the kitchen to help me prepare all the food!!! I really appreciate it! Also to my grandma who helped make some extra sandwiches to make sure we had enough!!! Thank you to Priscilla for getting the stuff to make the punch and making it and also making the yummy white chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles!
A special thank you to all of the family who drove a long way just to celebrate the girls 1st birthday! It really means a lot to us and I know the girls will appreciate one day when they are older!!!
Addisyn and Audrey what are yall up to!!!
*Sleep from 7-7 still
*still take 2 naps a day
*We started you on just whole milk today and yall did really well!
*you can wave hi and bye
*you can clap
* you can say "mama, dada, bye-bye, hi, dog, ball, night night, mol for molly"
*still love the bath
*you both have taken a couple steps
*crawl everywhere
*walks along any furniture and any wall
*starting to climb on things
*still very picky eaters...you dont like meat but if it is covered in something you eat it...I think your favorite foods are pizza, grilled cheese, lunch meat
*loves to drink water!
* Addisyn loves to talk...I think she will be my little talker when she is older!!!! Audrey says all of the same things but I think Addisyn is a little bit louder haha!!
I know there is a lot more stuff you can do but this is just a few of them!!!! We are so very proud of yall and you continue to amaze us everyday with the things you do!!! We were blessed with you 2 12 months ago and couldnt be happier!!!! We love you very much!!!
HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ADDISYN AND AUDREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cake...I think it turned out cute!

Addisyn's cake to dig into
Audrey's cake

Mommy and Audrey

Grandpa Midyett and Uncle Ronald!

Time to open presents

Whats in here?

Isabel wanted to help too

hmm...whats in this one

Audrey really likes this turtle jungle gym

Man look at all the help mommy was getting...Addisyn and Audrey no longer wanted to help haha

I like this pony

Audrey trying to take haylee's headband


Now Audrey was trying to take Madi's Pretzel haha

Haylee was getting worn out

Look at all the presents

Addisyn loves her new ride on toy!

Ready for the cake

Happy birthday to you!

hmm..can we really dig into this stuff!

Audrey enjoyed it haha

Now Addisyn got it..put it all over my face lol

Good stuff
After the messSTILL GOIN HAHA!