Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! I will have a real post after the holidays with lots of pictures!! The girls should love Christmas this year because they know how to tear into the presents...they have already tried!!! If you are safely!!!! 1 more week and my babies will be 2..I can't believe it..Until after the holiday!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

whats new?

So what's new behind once again!! I just can't find the time or energy to sit down and do this!! Anyways, we haven't really been much to anything. We had a nice little Thanksgiving with just us, Dave's cousin and his g/f and the girls of course! We had so much food it didn't even look like we touched it ha. We also went to have pictures made for our annual Christmas session! I just knew they were going to turn out horrible. They would not sit still for a second. Well Audrey wouldn't and Addisyn followed of course haha! We did get a few that turned out good! Like I said Audrey would not sit still...I had 1 picture of her individually to choose from and 1 of them to choose from of them together!!! But it all worked out because the once we got turned out cute I think!!! Hopefully next year will be better!!!

These were the pictures we took before we left to go get the real pictures done!!! You can probably tell how the shoot went from seeing these haha!

This is how the bow thing went haha!!! in and out!

Now I wish they took the pictures this good when we got them done!!!

Love hugs from my girls!

I thought this picture was so cute of Audrey and Dave!!!!

Yea...and this is how it went!!!

This is one of our good family photos! Taken by Ashley Phillips Photography

Addisyn wearing Danny's Superman hat!

Briana and Danny with the girls!

haha!!! Ready Whip!

And this was our feast for just 4 adults and 2 kids haha!

Addisyn after Thanksgiving lunch!

Audrey sleeping after lunch!!!
And of course Dave haha!! Everyone took a nap but me!!! I cleaned the kitchen and uploaded photos and ordered birthday invites!!!!!

Well thats all we have been up to..oh and I have Christmas shopped and completely done 3 weeks in advance haha!!! Well still have Dave to shop for but I am going to wait til the week of since he likes to be snoopy haha..I will be mailing gifts to the Midyett's side for Grandpa Dean, Nam Sun, Holly, Lillie, and Isabel!!! So thats all for now I think!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A little of everything!

So sorry I have been really bad about getting stuff posted on here! We have been working and working haha! I am at work and Dave is at home sleeping and the girls are at daycare. Then when I go home, I get the girls we eat dinner, and Dave goes to work. We are on a weird schedule, never see each other we have been real tired lately. With the time change, weather changing, and the girls being in daycare, we have all been sick at one point in the last month. NOT FUN! And with Dave working nights right now, its just me that has to wake up with the girls! NOT FUN!

We took the girls to the Dr. last week to see what was going on because they haven't been sleeping well. It all started with a stomach virus, then a cough..Hmmm..what could be going on. I really felt like I had new born babies again that woke up every couple of hours. Except they weren't hungry haha!!! Well come to find out they both had double ear infections....Well, well, well...NO WONDER!!!!! They have now been on the antibiotic for about 4 days now and have been getting a breathing treatment 2 times a day to keep their coughs loose..and FINALLY slept through the night!!!! Dave got home from work this morning about 630 and said, they are still sleeping? I said yes....shhhh!!! DON'T WAKE THEM UP HAHA!!! I finally got to take a shower in peace haha!!!So what else have we been up too!!!! ITS BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS at the Midyett house!!! I love this time of year!!! Now if I can get the girls to quit taking all the ornaments off the tree that would be lovely haha!!! I have all my decorations for the most part up inside the house!!! I don't have a fire place in this house on base...which I miss!!! but oh well what can you do. So I had to make due with what I have!!!! Thats all I can do!!! I am going to put some of the pictures that I took from my phone and edit it later when I get home that I took with my camera!! These pictures are soo small haha...but you get the point! Ill change it later lol!

Another thing I have been up too is birthday party planning...Can you believe that the girls will be 2 in just 42 days....holy moly, where has the time gone!?!?!They are not babies anymore :( Audrey is saying sentences now...her favorite one is "where mommy go?" or "where daddy go?" When I am doing laundry...she points to one of Dave's shirts and says "thats daddys!" or "thats mommy's" Addisyn will say a lot of one-two word sentences that we can actually make out...but she still talks a lot of jibberish! She will have a whole entire conversation with you like that and expect you to understand what she is saying! its soo funny!!! I love it!!! They are our world! I don't know what we would be doing if we didn't have them! I couldn't decide on if we should do their party at Chuck E Cheese or the house. Well when i got the pricing from Chuck E Cheese I was like nevermind that idea haha. So I went with having the party at the house! I have rented a bouncy castle! It was cheap and the kids really enjoy it!! We went to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago, Landon, my friends son turned 4. They had a bouncy castle and the girls loved it!!! They didn't want to stay out of it!!! I have pictures from that that I will have to add later when I get them from my camera!!! But anyways thats what I decided we are doing!!! January 8th is the day! So mark your calendars!!! They are really into Dora right now so Dora it is!! I found these birthday invites...I just have to add their picture to it!!! I thought they were really cute!!!

Here are a couple of pictures from Halloween! Thats how far behind I am haha!! Audrey was a little devil and Addisyn was a fairy!!!

Well thats it for now!!! Check back tomorrow maybe for some updates on pictures!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Pictures!

Pumpkin Patch

Me and my friend Lea Anne took the girls to the pumpkin patch...I was hoping I would get some good pictures but they would not sit on the little set ups they had...It was harder than last year lol..Last year we could just sit them down and we could get their pictures because they couldn't walk yet haha...this year was a bit different...So here are some pictures from then....

6 years

Can you believe it has been 6 years since my little brother Matt was taken from us. Its so hard to think about it and it seems as if it were just yesterday. I miss him everyday and think about what he would be doing right now. Would he be married? Would he have little ones like Jennifer and I? It makes me sad to think about it but its hard not too..I will lay in bed and think that any minute he is going to burst through the door and say "whats up!" I always think about our last conversation...He had called my phone before one of my games in college..I answered and he said "oops, I didn't mean to call you...good luck.." That was it...It makes me sad that those were our last words to one another...

Matthew John Glowacz, you were truely an amazing brother. You were full of energy, great personality, got along with everyone, most of the time ha, and had so many people who loved you. Even though we fought a lot we still loved each other and would do anything for one another. I miss you everyday and you are always on my mind. Never goes away. I know you are in good hands and you are watching over us everyday with a BIG smile on your face saying "IT'S ALL GOOD" We love you very much you will never leave our hearts. I wish you were here to see your nieces grow up..You would have been the best Uncle Matt!!!! All the girls would love you!!!! I show them picture of you so they know who you are!!! We love you very much!!!

R.I.P. Matthew John Glowacz


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I know, I know

I know, I know...Its been well over a month since I have posted something. I have been real busy and started working. I love my new job! I get paid to take pictures of vehicles and post them on the internet, do internet advertising on face book, twitter, etc.!!! I mean who wouldn't enjoy that ha ha!!! Anyways, I thought I would just post a little something to hold y'all over until I get home to do a real blog with photos!! I work every other Saturday to let the receptionist have a day off, but my normal work hours are Monday-Friday 8-5! So I am working right now...not doing a whole lot, answering phones...but its raining outside so there really isn't much action going on today...So until later tonight or tomorrow! This is what your getting ha ha!!! jk!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun at the Park!

So I started this post about 4-5 weeks ago and totally forgot to finish it because the pictures were taking forever to upload haha...We spent one Saturday morning at the park and the girls loved it and were worn out afterwards because we walked there..But anyways here are a few pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready for Fall???

Are you ready for fall??? I am!!!! I am ready for the cooler temperatures...I am ready for the pretty fall colors....I am ready for the good smellin candles!!! I am ready for the pumpkins, Halloween, thanksgiving!!!! I am tired of the heat..its beyond miserable...Its been nice the last couple of days...well in the mornings at the 70's...So we have been playing outside for a bit!!! The girls love the outside but not when its 100 degrees for months straight...Its no fun having to be couped up inside....So we are going to love being able to get outside more!!! That's all we have been up too...Yes not very much!!!! But here are some photos I finally took ha ha!!

Coloring before lunch


Waiting for the trashmen to come!!! He was down the street
Not quite sure why they feel the need to carry everything!!! "Superwomen"

Check out this stick!

Addisyn...finally got a good smile on camera!!

Audrey's new thing...CHEEESSSEEE!!!