Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Its been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, but we have just been sooo busy...Seems I can never catch-up on laundry either. Oh well On the 20th of November we met my parents in Junction, Tx at the YO Ranch so that Dave could go hunting with my dad and my brother in law Travis and then all the girls would just hang out! We had a great time other than I was sick the whole weekend. Friday before we left I caught some kind of stomach bug and was vomitting all morning...yuck, who wants to travel like that? I was achy all weekend and my mom and sister were kind enough to give me lots of shoulder massages!!! On Saturday afternoon I got off the couch, took some medicince and we headed to the lodge of the ranch to see all of the different animals you could see there!! It was really neat! With being so achy, I even brought myself to go sit in a deer blind for 3 hours on a bucket with dave...Ya my butt hurt so bad..haha! Anyways, we didnt get anything that night but saw 2 sika bucks...they werent big enough to shoot! So ya it was fun watching them! To end our weekend our keys were missed placed..lovely..I looked for hours, dug through all of our bags, couch cushions outside and then it got dark! almost had to tow our truck in and get a key made cause we couldnt find them, glad we did, that would have been a pretty penny!

Me and Dave in the deer blind..I was bored at this point haha!

Me and Jennifer getting ready to go out with the boys to sit for 3 hours! Dont I look lovely..

All the girls....This was at the lodge! They were having so much fun in it haha!! Looks like they are in jail...Audrey, Addisyn, Madi, and Haylee
Daddy and Audrey....she loves it on his shoulders!

Grandma and Addisyn...yall like their cute camo shirts?
This was a well at the had a concrete bottom in it so we put them in it!!! Addisyn, Madi, Audrey, and Haylee

We came home on Monday because we couldnt find the keys, and all I had time to do was unpack our bags, throw all our clothes in the wash, and re-pack because we drove to Corpus Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving! Man I felt rushed....It was good to spend time with Dave's family! It had been a while, I think the girls were only 5 months since the last time we were down there and now they are 11 months old this week!!! Time goes by so quickly when you are busy! We had Thanksgiving dinner at Dave's Aunt Tina's house and it was very yummy!!! Thank you for cooking!!!! The rest of the day we just kind of hung out! That night we tried to go see the movie Blind side which I have been wanting to see since it came out....ya right...SOLD OUT!!!! Haha! So we saw Old dogs instead!! It was pretty good!

Friday Dave and his brother Ronald got up about 3 am and went to their deer lease to go hunting for the day...They saw some deer but didnt get anything! I hung out at the house with the girls and Dave's dad! Had a nice relaxing day!!! watching tv and playing! Saturday I wanted to go shopping when Dave got back from hunting, so we went and looked around at Kohl's and I got the girls a shirt to wear for our pictures this Saturday and Dave got one too!!! I already have one! Then we went over to target! I love that store....I put Audrey's jeans on her the other day and didn't realize she had grown out of them lol...she was dressed for the flood haha!!! so we got her some jeans! Then I finally got to go to Toys R Us since we dont have one here in Abilene..not sure why, but we a couple of things for the girls for either Christmas/birthday, really havent decided haha, I guess I just get to pick which holiday lol! That evening we went out to eat to a seafood restaurant to celebrate Nam Sun, Dave's mom's birthday!!!The whole family and all of the kids were there!!! It was a great night and I hope she had a great birthday!!! Well that was our last 2 weeks of fun!!!! Here are some pictures!!!! HOpe you enjoy!!!



Me and Addisyn at Snoopy's seafood restaurant

Great Grandpa Dean and Audrey..look at that smile haha!
Homany with the girls on Thanksgiving!
Grandpa David with Audrey and Addisyn before we left to go eat some yummy turkey!

Our family...we had a hard time to get them to look at the camera haha..this is the best I could do!

Great Grandma Betty and Lillie

Dave with Lillie!

Audrey loved this big stuffed dog haha!!! she just laughed and smiled the whole time lol!

On the way home!!!! our long, 7 hour drive!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

So its been a while since I have posted anything, so all I have is a little bit of this and a little bit of that! We have been super busy every weekend it seems like.. Never any time to sit and relax. When I get home from work I am so exhausted all I do is play with the girls, feed them, give them a bath, play with them, put them to bed...then not too long after they are sleeping I am!!! haha! I am going to the dr on Tuesday afternoon to see if I can get some blood work done and make sure everything is normal.
So I went to get a TB test last week for work and when I went to have it read it came back positive...they told me that I have been exposed of tb from someone...and it could have come from anyone..they are like do you know anyone who has it..I said ya been a little worried about it..after you find out you test positive for tb they make you go and get chest x-rays just to make sure you dont actually have tuberculosis. I don't think that I do, I think it may have been a false positive, but you never know. So Dave and I have been worried about that! So hopefully the results come back with some good news!
Anyways, the past 2 weekends we have had birthday parties!!! They were a lot of fun. Landon turned 3 today and we celebrated yesterday!!! We had a lot of fun and there were a lot of people!!! We had a great time!!! Happy birthday Landon!
So here are a few pictures of a little of this and a little of that! Oh and sorry I dont think the pictures are in any kind of order.

This is at Landon's birthday party...Addisyn made a new friend! Aubrey. They were taking turns eating each others shoes haha..

Addisyn on the slide...she had fun going down it holding onto daddy's hand of course!

Silly girl Audrey! she liked the slide too! Mommy helped her go down!

They had a bouncy castle at landon's party...Addisyn didnt mind it, but Audrey would not let me put her down..

Its hard to get a picture with 2 babies by yourself lol....but I thought this turned out pretty cute for me taking the picture and holding them at the same time!

Sweet babies in their new outfits!!! They both have their tounges sticking out haha!! Its their new thing!
Audrey has been so silly lately...she has been laughing at everything and its so adorable!!! it makes me laugh!!!

Poor Addisyn...trying to smile but her mouth is hurting her so bad...she is getting some teeth finally at the top and she is not taking the pain so well...Audrey never cried or anything with her 4 top teeth but Addisyn is even drooling! Poor baby....hope it passes quickly!
Audrey thought she would help open Landon's birthday presents!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

10 Months Old!

Addisyn is getting so big!!! I think we are finally almost 17 pounds!!!! She is really not much different in height than Audrey anymore!!! Little one is catching up!!! Look at her sweet precious face!!!

Gotta love that kind of smile!!! haha...showing all her teeth and eyes closed!!! Such a happy baby!

So the girls turned 10 months yesterday...I only have 2 months to plan their birthday party...I am in the process of getting invites so I can get them mailed out for people to make plans considering the holidays are right around the corner! Dave and I decided to do the party at our house and are hoping all of our family can make it up to celebrate the girls turning 1!!!! It will be a special day and lots of fun!!!

So Addisyn and Audrey what are yall up to these days:
*Still sleeping from about 730-730...bed time is getting later now!!! but still wake up at the same time everyday no matter what time they go to bed!
*trying to get them to take 1 nap a day...but still sometimes need 2
*We are down to 2 bottles a day one in the morning and one before bed and take a sippy cup with formula with a snack to get use to milk in a cup!
* still crawling all over the place
*can push and walk with a stroller/walker
*eat just about anything and everything, except for Addisyn doesn't like chicken nuggets...I mean who doesn't like chicken nuggets haha!!!
*can say mama, dada, sometimes it sounds they say ba for bye, maybe not haha!!!
*say nananana when they are tired...
*wave..kind of backwards but its a wave!
*Audrey has 5 teeth and Addisyn still has 2 but the top are on its way!
*They love to laugh at each other!
They are sisters and best friends for life!

I just cant believe that in 2 months...less than 2 months now they will be 1....I have been looking at pictures from when they were first born and I think to they have grown so much and dont even look the same at all. I just want to cherish every moment with them!!!! They are growing way too fast.

This is a little late, but I went with a friend to take the girls trick-or-treating...I think they were a little young but I just wanted to dress them up!!! So I went with someone that has little boys old enough to so we went along for the ride I should say! Next year they will be able to actually participate!

Audrey and Addisyn along for the ride! They did so well and loved looking and watching everyone!

Audrey the bumble bee!!!

Addisyn the lady bug!!!
They were so funny and I wish that I got it on video, but when I put their wings on them they both would see it in the corner of their eye and kept turning in know when a dog sees their tail and go round and round in circles trying to chase it haha....well thats what Addisyn and Audrey were doing with their wings. It was the funniest thing ever. Where is the video camera when you really need it!!!