Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gap Casting Call

So Dave enter the girls into the Gap Casting call!!! They will announce the winner December 7th! Please feel free to go to the site and vote for our precious angels

Thanks for all of your support!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Been too Long!

Sorry to everyone who reads my blog for taking almost a month to post something new. I have been so exhausted from work, traveling and never recovering haha, and being sick and having sick babies. So here it goes! The girls were baptized this past weekend and I thought that it went very well and was such a nice service. We did it at my grandparents church at St Paul Lutheran Church of Rehberg! That pastor was so kind enough to baptize the girls for us and he was so excited to do it because he had never baptized twins before!!! We are so appreciative of him and we couldnt thank him enough!! We had about 30 family and friends come and join us on Addisyn and Audrey's special day! Thank you to everyone who came to be apart of it. We love everyone one of yall very much! Following the service we had a nice lunch and some yummy cake for dessert! It was so nice to visit with everyone!!!

Us and the girls with Pastor Steve Cox!!!

Us with the girls and their sponsors! Thank you so much for being their sponsors!!! It means a lot to both Dave and I! We love you all so much!

The cake!!! red velvet! She used the picture that Ashley took at the girls 6 months!!! It turned out cute!

When we got home the girls car seats were here...I didnt want them sitting on the front porch so my friend Priscilla came to my house and lugged them to my back yard for me so no one would take them..they arrived early and we were going to be home later that day so she just moved them! Thanks Priscilla!!! I owe you lots of baby sitting haha!!!!! I mean that!

They love their new seats!

Girls playing at their great grandparents house!

Addisyn always has to be standing haha!!! I dont think it will be too long before she tries to take her first steps...she is already walking along the couch!

Playing with their table toy at grandma and grandpa glowacz's house!!! They had so much fun!!!

Grandpa and Audrey hanging out after a nice bath!!!

Audrey sitting under the table haha!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 Months Old

Already? Can you believe the girls are 8 months a little late since they turned 8 months last Thursday, but oh well haha!!!! Well, well, well...what are they doing now lol!!!!?

Audrey is about 18 pounds 8 ounces and about 26 3/4 inches tall...I only know that because she was sick and had her first ear infection and bronchitis. poor baby is just now getting over it :( she is crawling all over the place, pulling up to a standing position, saying mama and dada, has 2 bottom teeth and might even be trying to cut the upper ones, sleeping through the night from 7 to nice!, loves to play with her sister, loves to kick and splash the water in the bath,eating solid foods 3 times a day and taking 3 7-8 ounce bottles, taking 2 morning and one afternoon..about 30 min to 1 hour sometimes an 1 1/2 hours if we are lucky! Im probably forgetting a lot but maybe ill think of it later and add it but that is most of it!!!

Addisyn feels like she is about 15-16 pounds and probably about 25 1/2 inches long. She is a wild child already lol...crawls everywhere, today almost got into the dog food haha....ooops should put it away lol...pulls up on everything...i mean everything..the girl has to be standing lol....saying mama and dada, has 2 bottom teeth and probably about to cut the upper 2 as well, sleeping through the night from 7 to 7, loves to play with her sister, loves to kick and splash the water in the bath as well, eating solid foods 3 times a day and taking a 6-8 ounce bottle 3 times a day, 2 naps one morning and one afternoon!!!!

The girls are doing so awesome!!! Just amazes me how quickly they grow and how much stuff they learn and do everyday!!!! Never a dull moment either!!! They are so much fun and this is really a fun age!!! They love to entertain themselves and they play with one another very well...sometimes if addisyn grabs a toy audrey will turn around and take it right out of her hand and they dont care lol....they will just pick up another toy and play!!! We started letting them try a little bit of table far they love mashed potatoes!, gave them some waffles and pancakes at breakfast to try, bananas, carrots, and rice....still learning the sippy cup...they havent quite got it yet...but they will! I dont think it will be too long before they try walking!!!! They are just really good babies and we couldnt be more blessed to have them in our lives!!! WE love them so much!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some pictures!

Well the girls have been very busy lately..Addisyn has been crawling for about 2 weeks or so and is starting to move all over the place..Audrey started crawling yesterday!!! Finally seems like forever lol!!! Im now going to have to baby proof everything since I am going to have 2 little ones moving around in my house..Addisyn is so busy lol....she will not sit in one spot..she is either crawling somewhere, pulling up on stuff, or climbing on Dave or me...Audrey is just now starting to get that way too!!! Man are we going to have our hands full, but it will be fun!!!

The girls love this table. They pull themselves up into a standing position and just stand there and play!

I thought I would let them try the biter biscuits! They love them!! Except they are very messy..but thats ok!!! We are trying to put more stuff on their foods on their trays so they can learn how to pick it up and eat it!! right now they just have been playing with it..but they will get there!

This past weekend, Daves Aunt Tina and cousins Danny and Jimmy came up to move Danny into his apartment in sweetwater. He is going to go to school there that he actually started yesterday! Move-in was on Saturday morning along with a parent orientation that afternoon so they stayed with us Friday and left for Sweetwater early saturday morning!! Friday happen to be my birthday, so they offered to babysit the girls so that Dave and I could go out!!! We had an awesome time with some friends!!! Thank you so much for watching the girls...we really appreciate it!! Here is Jimmy with Addisyn!

Addisyn and Audrey hanging out before bedtime!!

The girls were hanging out in our bed Saturday morning! here is Audrey!!!

Me and my baby girls after they had a nice bath!! Audrey on the left and Addisyn on the right!

Audrey really showed no interest in pulling herself up on anything..I put her in her crib for a second while I was giving Addisyn a bath and she had out of no where puller herself up!!! yay!!! She does something new everyday it seems like!!! This picture was just of her pulling up to her knees but now she pulls up to stand!

Nice clean pretty girls!!!

Hanging out in their room before I gave them a bath..there is Addisyn, always hanging on something lol!!! This was Audrey before she learned how to pull-up and crawl!!! she would lay there and roll to where she needed to go!!! Not anymore!!!

Hanging out with Molly!!! The girls love to try and play with Molly...not sure if she likes it so she always runs from them lol!! I guess she doesnt want to get her hair pulled!!! I wouldnt either because it hurts haha!!!

Well I hope this holds everyone over for a while!!! Well at least until Thursdday when the girls turn 8 months old already!!! Can you believe that!!? We are also heading out of town this weekend to visit family!!! Havent seen them in a few months so it will be a nice visit and I am going to remember to take pictures...seems like I always forget!! But anyways hope everyone has a great rest of the week!