Sunday, August 30, 2009

nothing to post

Well, I really have not had anything to post other than we have all been sick. So sorry I have no updated pictures of the girls doing anything. As you know I took Audrey to the dr on Tuesday and she had an ear infection in her left ear. They put her on amoxicillin and we went on our way. Well last night we got home from helping a friend move into their house and I thought that she sounded a little weezey. So I didnt know what to do and called the on call dr. Well the girls dr happen to be on call this weekend and he told me that I could bring her in the office today and he would listen to her! I was like awesome! So today about 115 we went up there and he took a look at her!!! Listening to her for like 1 second he said she has a bronchitis infection and not only did she still have the same ear infection in the left ear, it got worse and now she has one in her right ear..poor baby..guess she needed some stronger medicine than the amoxicillin. He had her do a breathing treatment and then he would come back and listen to her again before we left. So now she is on the breathing treatment every 4 hours as needed, a steroid, and something else..cant remember!!! So hopefully she will be better in a few days!!! Now Dave is sick and im better...go figure..but he has been coughing a lot and i just had ear infections and I dont know what he has!!! So pray for us that we all get better and are healthy again!!! I dont like being sick....but who does!

Poor baby Audrey...her first breathing treatment ever!!! I hope she gets better soon!!! She hates this!

Addisyn has been doing great!!! Knock on wood that she stays that way!!! She is being very adventerous right now!!! crawlin all over the place...pulling herself up on everything to a standing position..she is just a busy busy girl who doesnt want to sit still!!!! Its so much fun!!!! oh man and once they are both moving we are really going to have our hands full!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sick mommy and baby

Nothing has been going on lately with us so I have had nothing to really blog about. For the past 5 days I have been sick..started off on Friday with a sore throat and my ears were clogged. So my friend Priscilla came over and watched the girls for me while I went to the doctor. He told me that I had fluid in my ears and that it was just allergies. I got a steroid shot, some allegra, and some amoxicillin. Fine. Then Sunday I still wasnt feeling too well...I felt like a had a fever and yes I did..and I never have didnt break past 100 all day so on Monday I stayed home from work. Well then Monday Audrey was running a fever of 101 so I gave her some tylenol and called the dr office. The nurse told me if it goes back up then they need to see her. So today it got up to only 100.4 and I said I was going to go ahead and take her in and get looked at cause I thought that she might have something or caught something from...Priscilla watced Addisyn while Audrey and I ran to the dr. Thank you so much!!! I owe you one!!! But after sitting in the dr's office for almost 2 hours, I was right Audrey has her first ear infection. I feel so bad...poor baby doesnt feel well at all. :( Sorry this was such a boring post...and it probably drug on lol...But we are both on meds and hopefully will be feeling better soon!!! maybe later in the week if I am feeling better ill post some pictures.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing too fast in a short time!

Well, well, well....Both of the girls are getting 2 bottom teeth and I think Audrey might be even getting her top as well...all at the same time..poor baby! Friday, I told Dave that Addisyn was starting to pull herself up a little bit on my leg when we sit on the floor...So I told him that I think we need to lower the crib matresses so that when they do they wont flip themselves over the edge..So on Saturday before their nap..we lowered the matress...Sure enough when I walked into their room to get them out! This is what I found. Yep Addisyn had pulled herself up on her knees and was looking through her crib at Audrey! Such a big girl!!!

Addisyn has been rocking for the past month or so, maybe a little longer and finally about a week and a half ago she starting inching her way forward...As of today she is all over the place..she was even trying to follow molly out of the room!!! Everytime she sees molly she laughs!! She cracks me up!!! I love her so much!

Audrey is still rocking for about the same 1 1/2 months or less...not moving yet, but if she needs to go somewhere she rolls!!! Never thought she would do that because she really likes to just lay there but she really has been a roly poly lately!!! She makes me laugh everyday!!! I lover her so much!!!

I just cleaned out their closet and I have 2 big bucket full of clothes!!! I have to store and save them just in case I have another girl, but until then they are going in the attic!!! I also got me a double jogging stroller so that I can start running since I cannot go to the gym..With our schedules its just so hard for either one of us to go. So I thought I would fix that!!!

It should be here in about 4-6 days!!! I am really excited..but hopefully it starts to cool down some!!!Anyways hope everyone has a great week! Until next time!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Visit with the Prestons!

I dont have any pictures, but Dave's Aunt Tina and cousin Danny came up for a short visit. Danny has orientation for school so they stayed with us over the weekend!!! It was really nice catching up and spending time with them!!! They will be back on the 28th for the big move in day at college!!! Oh and might I add that is my birthday haha!!! Anyways hopefully we will take some pictures next time...Tina got some but I dont have them yet! It was great seeing yall and cant wait until next time!! Also Dave's grandma got the girls a lot of clothes that Tina brought along!!! THey were all very cute and I just wanted to thank you soo much!!! We really appreciate it!! Until next time, have a great week!

Couple of Videos

Audrey loves the jumperoo!!! She just jumps, jumps, jumps!!! her next video of her hopefully will be of her crawling!!! she is almost there, rocking alot but not on the move yet!! But we are close!!!

This is Addisyn crawling!!! She is not going very far..but at least she is moving!!! Its so cute!!! I bet by the end of this week she will have it down and will be all over the place and getting into everything!!! Its going to be fun!

A little late haha!!

Dave's mom and dad came to visit a couple weeks ago for about 4 days! It was great to have them hear. We really enjoyed their company and are glad they got to spend time with the girls!!! They hadn't seen them since they were about 5 months it had been about 2 months! Dave's mom also cooked for us some yummy food!!! Thank you so much for everything and your help with the girls!! Here are a few pictures from their visit!

Grandpa and the girls and his silly hat haha!!! molly kept barking at him cause she didnt recognize him.

Harmony and the girls!!! Big smiles!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love this video!

I love this video!!! Audrey is sitting up laughing while Addisyn is laying on the floor laughing back lol!!!! I love it!!!!
So Pause my music on the side bar to hear the video!! ENJOY!!!

7 months old

WOW!!!! The girls are already 7 months old....can you believe it? It goes by way too fast...we are going to have to start planning a birthday party next if we dont slow down haha!!! Anyways the girls are doing great!!!! Sleeping 12 hours at night...taking 2 naps a day morning and breakfast, lunch and dinner and take 3 bottles in between each meal!!! They are doing awesome and getting soooo big sooo fast!!!! Its so hard to believe that they were so tiny when they were born looking at them now!!!!

They can sit without support and they are on the verge of crawling! they have both been rocking on their hands and knees for the last 3 weeks but this week Addisyn is trying to move forward!!!! She has to think about it real hard! Audrey will get there!!! Other than that they are doing awesome and we love them very much!!!