Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nothing to post

Well I really havent had anything to post lately that is why there is nothing there ha ha. So this week I decided to start a new work out that I think I can follow and will work and hopefully I can stick with it. On Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's I am going to the gym, riding the bike for about 20-30 minutes, doing some light weight lifting, and some abdominal work. Then one Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's and maybe even Sunday's before church I am planning on running outside for about 20-30 minutes each time! Hopefully I can stick with this..I think it will work and I can get into decent shape at least and hopefully lose some weight to go along with it! The girls will be 4 months old next Sunday the 3rd. Can you believe it? It goes by so fast and I just cannot believe how big they are getting! They seem to do something fun and exciting everyday and it always puts a big smile on my face. I have had a few tired nights while Dave is at work. They get real tired and poor babies just cry. But I am putting them on a different schedule and for the last couple of days it has been better. They wake up sooner than they were because they are going to bed a little bit earlier..but that is ok if it is making them happy it makes them happy!!!! But anyways I will have more to write next week after I take the girls to the dr to see how they are doing and how big they are getting!!!! They are just so sweet...I didnt know how much you can love someone until they came into our lives!!! Here are a few pictures I have taken this week.

Getting them to look at me and smile at the same time is impossible!

I bought this bumbo chair the other day to see if they would like it and they do! Here is Audrey!

Addisyn likes it too!

Hello sister!

Now I got Addisyn to smile!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little bit late

Oops, I am kind of late with this blog but better late than never right? So after Dave got home from work Saturday morning about 630...we left to go to Katy for Easter. He was so tired and had just got off of a 12 hour shift from the night before...Poor thing...He slept in the car but I am sure it wasnt the best sleep that he could have had if he were in his own bed!!! But we wanted to spend Easter with family..We left the house about 7 am and drove the 5 1/2-6 hours to good old Katy, Texas!! We enjoyed a nice short visit with my parents. My mom and I went to Kohl's to get the girls some outfits that she bought for them for Easter presents!!! THanks Mom and Dad (grandma and grandpa)! We love our new outfits the are very cute!!! Sunday we got up and went to church for Easter..We went with my mom and dad and my sister Jennifer and Haylee went too! Travis and Madi didnt make because Madi was sick...come to find out she has RSV poor baby...we are praying that she gets better fast!!!! Haylee also is sick now and she has a mild case of pnemonia..we hope she gets well quickly as well! When church was over we came out to some heavy heavy rain..that was no fun trying to get to your car without an umbrella and getting your kids in the car and buckled...Poor Dave ran out to the car in the pouring rain with a hurt back to pull up a little closer...well go figure after we get in the car and we are all wet...the rain stops!!! Doesnt it always seem to work like that? Anyways after that we drove to Brenham to eat lunch with my grandparents!!! Everything that weekend was a nice short visit!!! But they got to see the grandbabies and that is always worth it when you dont live that close!!!! It was a great weekend and we are glad that we got to spend Easter with our family!!! We love yall!!! So here are some pictures...I didnt really take any...oops only a couple lol!!! But here are some pictures!

Addisyn in her new outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Glowacz

Audrey in her outfit...and sitting in the bouncer Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Joe gave to them...Thank you!!!

Grandpa and Audrey

Audrey and Addisyn in their Easter outfits!

Audrey with her Easter Bunny from Great Grandma Prenzler...

Addisyn with her Easter bunny...we got them both to smile!!! I love it!

Addisyn sitting up in the boppy pillows...they love to sit up on the couch too

Audrey's turn to sit in the boppy!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a Few Pictures!

Just a swingin!...Addisyn left and Audrey on the right

Audrey and Addisyn playing with the rattles

Audrey shaking the rattle...I put it in her hand and she went to town with it!

Audrey shaking hers I did the same with her and they played with them for about 5 minutes haha!!!


So after our last trip that we took...Dave and I decided that my mercury mariner was just way too small to fit all of our stuff in it and be comfortable! So we decided after looking at what we could afford right now and decided that we could get something!!!! So Dave bought me a new to me 07' Chevy Suburban!!! Its huge and I love it...much more comfortable than my old car!!!! Thank you Dave!!!! I love my new truck!

Friday, April 3, 2009

3 Months Old

I cant believe how much she has grown since she was born...She has gained about 8 pounds in 3 months!!! I think she is doing pretty good with that!!! Some milestones are:
*eating every 3 hours still during the day still only 3-4 ounces
*taking about 4-5 ounces before bed at night and sleeps about 6 hours!!!! yaaayyy!!!!
*Lifting herself up while on the floor for about 20 seconds at a time

I think we are very close to rolling over from her tummy to her back...she goes about half way and falls back down!!! We are sooooo close!!!

Addisyn the day she was born...Its hard to believe she was so tiny.

Addisyn...1 Month...4 pounds 11 ounces

Addisyn...2 Months..7 pounds

Addisyn..3 months today!!!! she is about 10 pounds or more..I dont know the exact weight..we dont go to the dr until May 4th for their 4 month check-up!

She has grown so much since the day she was born and let me tell you she does not miss any feedings!!! Here are her milestones!!:
*eats every 3-4 hours during the day and taking about 4-5 ounces
*before bed she takes anywhere between 5-8 ounces and then sleeps for about 6 hours!!!
*She is cooing alot
*lifting herself up for minutes at a time!!!
*and today...she rolled over from her tummy to her back..not sure if it was an accident or not but she did it...for a while now it looked as if she were going to roll over anyday and she finally did!!!!yaayyy we are so proud!!!

Audrey when she was born...4 pounds 6 ounces...she looks so tiny too!

Audrey at 1 month...6 pounds 11 ounces

Audrey at 2 months...10 pounds 5 ounces

Audrey..3 months old today!..she is about 13 pounds or more! we will know more when we go to the dr on may 4th!!!

We have had a lot of fun with our baby girls!!! They are so precious and we cannot wait to see what they do next...who knows they might be sitting up on their own soon and then crawling!!! it goes way too fast!!!! But they sure do keep us busy!!!! We wouldnt trade it for anything in the world...its crazy how you can love someone so much!!!! They surprise us everyday!!!! We love them...happy 3 month Addisyn and Audrey! Mommy and Daddy love you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are all SMILES!!!

So the girls will be 3 months old on friday...since we are premature they are behind about a 4-8 weeks on everything and considering my due date was feb 23, they would only be about 5 weeks old. Thats how the dr said to follow their development...well Audrey had started to coo a little bit about a week ago...and Addisyn started today that I know of and heard...Well I was talking and playing with both of them today like I always do and guess what....we are all SMILES!!! I am so excited and have been waiting patiently for them to do this for a while now!!! So here are some pictures!!!



A Little behind on blogging

So I am just a little bit behind on blogging...Sorry...been a littel busy and tired from our long trip across texas..To end our trip we went to Corpus Christi for a week to visit with the Midyett side and then to Austin to see our good friends Candace and Jeff and their daughter Araceli who is a doll and were so kind to let us bunk at their pad...we also got to visit with Crystal and Brett!!! I love visiting with them!!! Even Stacy was in town for a bachelorette party so we got to see her and her precious little boy Trenton!! In Corpus we had a lot of fun with family that we hardly get to see and I know they enjoyed meeting the girls!!! We also got to see and meet baby Lillie and Isabel!!! Isabel took a couple of days to open up to us but she came around!!! We also got to visit with grandma and grandpa, Ronald and Andrea, Aunt Tina and Danny, great grandma and grandpa Midyett, and Deana and Holly!!! It was a great week long visit with everyone...wish we could all live a little bit closer so that yall can all see the girls growing up!!! So here are a few pictures from our nice visit to Corpus!! I didnt get any from Austin but we had a great time...maybe we will get some in a couple of weeks!!!!

Isabel and Addisyn..she loves her cousins!

Grandma with the girls!

Great Grandpa with Addisyn

Great Grandma and Addisyn

Aunt Deana and Holly with Audrey!!!

Grandpa with Audrey

Grandma with the girls!!!

Daddy Letting Addisyn sleep

Audrey, Lillie, and Addisyn!