Thursday, February 26, 2009

1st Night!

Well we have transitioned the girls into their own bed. Not sure if it is a little early to do that but we thought it would be easier to get some sleep since Dave is on swing shift from 3-11 at night. So after I feed the girls at about 830 and get them ready for bed, I put them down and then I go to sleep! When Dave gets home at about midnight, he takes a shower then they are ready to eat again. Since they are in their own bed now, I dont hear him feeding them..of course I have the monitor but he takes them to the living room. So I get to sleep from about 930pm until their next feeding which is about 3 or 4 in the morning!!! So how many hours is that? Wow its been so long since I have slept that long...a good 5-6 hours!!! man I cant believe it!! then I wake up the rest of the time and let DAve sleep..After their 830am feeding, I go to the gym while DAve watches the girls!!! it is working out great for us I think!!!! Oh and the other night...they slept for 5 hours!!! Yaaayyy...I thought that they were going to start sleeping like that everynight...nope went back to 3-4 hours...but thats ok we are both getting plent of rest now with the new schedule he is on..We only see each other a couple of hours during the day but thats ok..we have the weekends right?? Just thought I would update!!!

Here are the girls sleeping in their crib their first night!!! I was a little nervous because they werent going to be right by me for me to just sit up and check on them....all I have now is a monitor! They seem to sleep well in it though! Addisyn is on the left and Audrey on the right...Addisyn sleeps better swaddled and Audrey likes to sprawl out! She usually kicks her blanket off while she sleeps...hopefully she is warm enough in the sleeper!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What to do???

So I guess I am just wondering what to do by myself at night now!!! Dave started swing shift today at work which is 3-11..He leaves at 12 to go to the gym and then doesn't get home until midnight. So in the mean time I am taking care of Addisyn and Audrey which I love doing!!! They are my precious baby girls who I love so much! So tonight I thought I would take the girls for a walk if its not too windy, maybe do some laundry, and then maybe sit down and watch the Bachelor!!! I think that will be my evenings every night of the week while Dave is at work. In the mornings I am going to go to the gym and work out!!! I have started back up again and am very proud of myself so far...I started on Friday and went 3 days in a row and took today off...but I thought I would still get some cardio in by taking the girls for a long walk around the neighborhood. They like the stroller I guess...It puts them to sleep ha ha! So I get a little exercise in that way!!! So During the week I might see Dave all of 2 hours a day. Yay! No fun!!! But anyways just thought I would blog about that ha ha!!! Here are a few pictures! Oh I forgot to mention that today was my actual due date for the girls to arrive!!! Can you believe they are 7 weeks already and have now been home for 4 and 5 weeks!! We are truly blessed to have them in our lives and are looking forward to every moment to share with them!

Look who can lift their head!! Audrey!!!...Addisyn can too I just have not got a picture yet.

Poor molly looks lonely..she just doesn't get all the attention she use too..she still gets some though.

Our big girl Audrey!!!

I thought this was funny....Addisyn is sleeping with her hands in the air!

Friday, February 20, 2009

3 different posts and some pictures!

Just a couple of cute pictures of the girls!!!

Tried Addisyn out in the swing again...she lasted about 5 minutes..

Addisyn and Audrey hanging out!!!

I had walked away..and I came back to this...Addisyn and Audrey were holding hands!!! I did not put them like that!!! I thought that was so cute and sweet!!!

ALS Graduation!

So like I said in the post before, Dave finally graduated Airman Leadership School!!! This is a big milestone in his career and I am so proud of him that he completed and passed this course! He is now Staff Sergent Midyett! He will now be a leader, supervisor, etc. to the airman under him now!!! Yayyy Dave for making this happen with all of the new stuff happening in our lives!!! It was hard work, sleepless nights and then having to focus all day long in a class!!! I couldnt be more proud!!! Now that you are done you can do some feeding at night!!! woo hoo!! I had been letting Dave sleep through the night or at least try to while I fed the babies so that he could be rested for his class!!! Well come Monday, Dave will be on swing shift which is the hours from 3-11. So after the last feeding at night, I can go ahead and go to sleep and when he gets home he can do the next feeding so that I can get more than 3 hours of sleep!!! I am looking forward to it!!! I cant wait to sleep more than 2-3 hours!!! To let everyone know, we are planning on taking leave here in March! We are taking 2 weeks so we will be gone away from our house for a long time that means we have to pack a lot since we have 2 little ones!!! Anyways I believe we will be headed to Brenham on the 14th or 15th of March. Then after that we will be headed to Houston for the week. Our next destination will be Corpus! I think we will be headed that direction on the 21st of March and be there for the week. Then instead of heading home for a 7 hour or longer drive since we have to stop and feed the babies...I came up with the idea that we should go to Austin for a day or two and visit with jeff and candace and crystal and brett before we make it back is about 3 1/2 hour drive to Austin from Corpus and then another 3 1/2 hour drive from Austin to Abilene. So if you add it up it is the same amount of driving just we are stopping at half way! Which will be a whole lot easier for us!! So think we could be in Austin on the 27th or 28th of March..Then we will be back home finally in our own bed after having a good time visiting with family and friends!!!! So that is our plans as of now. Here are a few pictures from Daves graduation!

Look how handsome he looks all dressed up!!! Before we left for graduation!

Dave and I before we left!!

Its hard to see, but this is Dave walking in before receiving his diploma!

Dave receiving his diploma from the wing commander! Congratulations!!!

Dave and his supervisor, Sgt Lara

Me and the graduate!

Visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa Prenzler!

So on Wednesday afternoon, Great Grandma and Grandpa Prenzler came up to abilene for a visit with the girls!!! They had a great time and we enjoyed having them here for the last 2 days. They even baby sat last night so that I could go to Dave's Airman Leadership School Graduation!!! Yes he did graduate and is now Staff Sergent Midyett!!! I am so proud of him and all the hard work it took for him to get through the course. So Great Grandma and Grandpa got to feed and hold Addisyn and Audrey and loved every minute of it!!!! We will be seeing them again in a couple of weeks when we take leave...we will be seeing a lot of family and friendS!!! We cant wait! the girls I am sure will have grown another pound or 2 by the time we get to everyone!!! Their next Dr appt is on March 3rd for their 2 month check-up!!! Anyways, Grandma and Grandpa also brought us some patio furniture and a chair for the living room that my parents gave to us!! Thanks mom and dad for the furniture it looks great and we really appreciate it!!! Thank you grandma and grandpa for hauling it up to us!!! Also thanks for the visit!!! We are glad you made it up here to see the girls!!! I am sure they looked totally different from the first time you saw them!!! Here are a couple of pictures from the visit!

Grandpa trying to burp Audrey!!! she is so hard to get a burp out of sometimes!

Grandma and Addisyn!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do they look like me at all?

So here are a couple of my baby pictures to try and compare with the girls!! Do they look like me at all or do you think they still look like Dave...I see a little bit of me in the both of them! Let me know what you think!

Ok here is me as a new born..

Addisyn when she was born

audrey when she was born

Me at 8 weeks

Addisyn at 6 weeks

Audrey at 6 weeks

Monday, February 16, 2009


On Valentine's Day the girls were 6 weeks old already!!! Man has it gone by fast..They are getting so big so fast!!! Its hard to believe that my 2 pound and 4 pound babies are now over 6 pounds and 8 pounds!!! They go back to the dr for their 2 month check-up and shots...ouch! Since they are premature they are going to probably be doing things a little behind..but for the most part I think they are doing really well!!!! They are both eating very well, Addisyn is eating between 2-3 ounces every 3 hours during the day and 3 1/2-4 hours at night. Audrey is eating between 3-4 ounces. They are focusing on things more and are starting to look into mommy and daddy's eyes!!! They also will look at the light and follow objects across their line of vision! They smile every now and then but I dont think that it is puposefully yet. Their arms and legs are really starting to fill out...Especially Audrey..She might have a few baby rolls!!! Its so cute!!! When we hold them, they are both starting to hold their own heads for about 30 seconds!!! and when they are on their tummies they can lift their heads for about 5-10 seconds..Remind you that they are doing very well and will do things sometimes about 4-8 weeks behind a full term baby! We are very proud of our baby girls!!! Oh and we have upgraded!!! Addisyn is now wearing new born sleepers!!!!! the premies got a little short..and Audrey is wearing 0-3 months..they are a little big but the new borns were too tight on her!!!

Look at our big girls!!!!

Audrey in her new sleeper outfit!!!

Addisyn in her new sleeper outfit!!! Thank you Reid and Lisa!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look at our big girls focusing on all the toys and light!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So I took the girls for a walk today in their bus! Look how big the stroller is!!! It was nice outside so I thought I would get a little exercise in while they were getting a little fresh air for once! They are growing, growing, growing!!! They are starting to grab hold of things so here is a few pictures too of them laying under the jungle gym playing with the rattles!!!

We went out for a little stroll in our bus today!

I got a little smile out of Addisyn!

I got one out of Audrey too!

Addisyn under the jungle gym!!!! This is fun!

Here is Audrey! Wow this is really cool!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


WOW is all I can say lol...Our baby girls are getting so big so fast!!! We went from Addisyn being only 2 pounds 13 ounces to 5 pounds 10 ounces!!! I cannot believe she is almost 6 pounds...It seems just yesterday we were holding her in our hands! And she really took off! She went from 4 pounds 6 ounces when she was born to 8 pounds 2 ounces! Its just so hard to believe!!! We have them eating if we can just get them to sleep a little bit longer...Last night was kind of rough...Dave and I are just sooo tired and poor thing he has to sit through a class all day and give a speech..I hope he wasnt too tired to give it..I know he will do good...So if we can get them to sleep a little bit more than 3 hours haha..we will be good to go!!! 5 hours would be nice! Anyways just thought I would update on how big the girls are getting!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just a few pics!

Tummy time..they like to sleep on their tummies but only if I am watching! Audrey is trying to lift her head...

Addisyn lifting hers

Half of their room

Here is the other half!

Audrey and Addisyn at 5 wks-pretty girls



Sisterly love!

Audrey getting Addisyn in the face lol..

Addisyn getting Audrey back!

A visit with Grandma and Grandpa Glowacz!

So as you know my mom (grandma glowacz) was here all week to help me out! We really appreciate her being here and doing all that she did! My dad (grandpa glowacz) flew in on Friday to spend some time with his grandbabies!!!! We all had a nice visit and they had a great time being with Addisyn and Audrey. They even baby sat on Saturday afternoon while Dave and I went to lunch and then got a few errands done! Thank you for coming up and for everything you did for us! We greatly appreciate it and love yall very much!!! Hopefully we will be down at the end of March! So here are some pictures..WE did not take any during the week for some reason but we took some shots before they left on Sunday! So here they are.

Grandma Glowacz playing with Audrey

Here is Grandma with Addisyn and Audrey

Grandpa Glowacz with Addisyn

Grandma loving on Addisyn

Grandpa loving on Audrey

Grandpa and Grandma with Addisyn and Audrey

Grandpa with Addisyn and Audrey

Grandma and Grandpa feeding the girls!