Thursday, January 29, 2009




Addisyn and Audrey

We love each other!

We are bestfriends!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Wintery morning in Abilene, TX!

We had some very icy weather yesterday. Here is what we woke up to this morning!

Just a few pictures!!

Hello! Well the girls are doing great! Right now all they pretty much do is eat and sleep. During the day they eat every 3 hours and at night they go about 3 1/2 to 4 hours! I thought I would be more tired than I am but I think its going pretty well. I let Dave sleep during the night or try to not wake him anyway since he is in this class right now and has to focus all day on the other hand can take naps while they are sleeping!!! Just thought I would post a couple of pictures!

Here are the girls in the bassinet! This is where they sleep at night...for some reason Audrey wont sleep at night unless the she is on the boppy haha!

Caught Daddy and Audrey snoozin!

Addisyn and Audrey taking a little nap in the bouncers!!! They look a lot a like here.

My hungry babies!!!!

Thats better!

Monday, January 26, 2009

At home at last!!!

So we are all at home and very happy!!!! Finally Addisyn and Audrey are together again!!! They have not been or really even seen each other since my tummy other than when Dave and I were holding them and put them next to each other!!! It is so crazy to me how much they already look alike when even though Addisyn is so much smaller..almost by 2 pounds. Today when I picked her up she weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces!!! A whole 3 ounces from yesterday!! She is growing so fast and will probably catch up to Audrey here before we know it! Anyways we are doing great so far! Daddy is at work...I fed both girls now they are taking a snooze!!!I have about 2 hours before their next feeding!!! So I tried putting Addisyn in the swing to see if she liked it and she did not like it all she did was cry...oh and she doesnt like her car seat either lol...Audrey on the other hand likes the swing and her car seat...she sleeps in both and when she is not sleeping she just looks around!!! So far I have found out that Addisyn likes the boppy pillow!!! As soon as I put her in it she fell right to sleep! There are many things we still have to learn about them!!! But that will come. How exciting to be their parent!!! Its so rewarding and Dave and I are so very blessed with these two little miracles! Here are a couple of pictures..I so forgot to take pictures of Addisyn in her car seat for her test and the ride home...oh well there will be lots of pics that I can take of her in her car seat!!! who is going to know other than I just told all of you lol!!!

They are finally together again!!!

Addisyn and Audrey...dont mind Audrey's shirt...she already grew out of it and I didnt notice til after haha!!

Addisyn taking a little snooze on the boppy pillow!

Audrey still loves the swing!

Trying out their new bed!!! Way more comfortable than hospital bed!

Coming home!!!

Nurses called this morning!!! Its Official!!! I am on my way to pick up Addisyn from the hospital!!!! I am so excited and I know Dave is too but he is at work!!! More update later!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good News!

Good news all!!! Addisyn is holding her body temperature really well. Her dr is out of town until Wednesday but said the on call dr can still send her home! The dr that will be there tomorrow is the dr that was there the day they were delivered. Dr Wiley who is the girls dr, told me that hopefully Addisyn will be gone before he gets back!!! So there is no reason why she couldnt come home tomorrow and we are hoping that she does!!! Anyways she gained a little over an ounce yesterday so she is now 4 pounds 4 ounces, almost 4 pounds 5 ounces!!! So she is still gaining weight daily which is very good!! Anyways, just thought I would let everyone know what was going on!!! We are hoping for tomorrow...and I am thinking if she doesnt come home tomorrow for some odd reason then for sure Tuesday!!! I will keep everyone updated on when she will be home!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Addisyn's Promotion!

Hello! Addisyn was promoted to an open bed today! She weighs 4 pounds 3 ounces now!! She is just growing and growing so much! Looks completely different from the day they were born! Anyways, the goal now is for her to hold her body temperature! If she can do that through the night and tomorrow, I am pretty sure she will be coming home on Monday if not for sure on Tuesday! Hopefully Monday though because we are so ready for her to come home!!! We are also taking her car seat up to the hospital tomorrow so that she can have her turn to do the test!!! Its going to be so much fun and will probably be exhausting for the first couple of days. But it is all worth it and will be so rewarding to be their parents!!! So here are a couple of pictures of Addisyn in her big girl bed at the hospital!!!

Here is Addisyn! she is looking more and more like Audrey everyday!!! She is thinking "I want to go home!!!!"

Miss Addisyn!!! Keeping her body temp!!

Our big girl Addisyn in her big girl bed!!!

Have to put a picture of Audrey too! Her jacket was a little big lol!!! We were visiting Addisyn at the hospital!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a few pictures!

I took Audrey to her first dr appt today for her follow-up appt. She weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces..and was 18 3/4" long! man she is getting to be so big!!! The dr said she is looking good and that we are doing a great job! Addisyn made it to 4 llbs. Yaaayyyy!!!! Most likely she will be going to an open crib tomorrow so that means she will come home on Monday or Tuesday if she can hold her body temp! We cannot wait. She is getting to be so big too and looks completely different I think from the day she was born which was 3 weeks ago. Time does fly!!! It seems like it was yesterday I had them. It is so great being a parent and it has just begun! We love it and and love our baby girls!
So here are some pictures of Audrey's first couple of days at home, but they are out of order though.

Audrey loves the swing!

We went to go visit Addisyn! We want her to come home..Probably Monday or Tuesday!

Hanging out in the bouncy chair while mommy gets ready!

First car ride home!..It was sad to leave Addisyn by herself :(

Audrey's car seat test before she could go home.. and she passed of course

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1st nights at home!

So we brought Audrey home Tuesday evening! It was sad to leave Addisyn at the hospital but we know that she will be home very soon! She has finally almost reached 4 pounds!!! today she weighed 3 pounds 15 ounces with a weight gain last night of 3 ounces!!! She is doing really well. The dr said once she reaches 4 pounds they are going to remove her from her isolet bed and put her in an open crib! He said if she can hold her own body temp she will be good to come home because she is eating well right now!!! We are so excited and cant wait to have them both home!

So the first night wasnt too bad other than the fact that we didnt get much sleep. I think that I got 3 hours lol...Dave too and poor thing had to stay awake all day for the airman leadership class he is in right now. He has about 4 weeks left! Audrey was in a new environment so all she wanted to do was look around and moan haha...she is use to the light all day..even when she sleeps and noise because it was sure not quiet in there! So it was a bit different for her to try and sleep in that. Well last night was ten times better! SHE SLEPT!!! and only woke up to eat! YAYYY!!! I found a lulluby cd thanks to Stacy!!! So we downloaded it onto the computer and put all the songs on Dave's ipod. We put the ipod in the bassenet and turned the volume up so that she could hear it through the headphones...So it was loud enough for her and quiet enough for mommy and daddy not to hear it!!! It worked great!!! Things you come up with to make them happy! So I would have to say last night was awesome!!! I am well rested and so is Dave! Anyways just thought I would update everyone on how we are doing at the Midyett household! I have pictures but still need to upload them so this is what you get for now! I might get to the pictures tonight if not tomorrow!!!

Oh, I almost forgot!!! I got a call yesterday!!!! My sister had her baby girl!!! Madison Avery Brewer weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and 18 inches long!!! Congratulations to Jennifer and Travis we are so happy for yall and big sister Haylee!!! So Dave and I are aunt and uncle again and cant wait to see photos since we couldnt be there! Soon we will be another aunt and uncle on the midyett side when Andrea has baby Lilly!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its Official

So its official! Audrey gets to come home today! She can come home whenever but I am actually going to wait until Dave gets home from work and we go up their tonight to bring her home! So that means she passed her car seat test! I will still be taking her back and forth to the hospital so that we can visit Addisyn! Wont be too much longer and we will have them both at home!! WE cannot wait until they are both home so we dont have to keep going back and forth to the hospital! We love our baby girls and want them at home!!! Anyways just thought I would let everyone know that she is coming home so we now have a baby at home...Yaaayyyy...way excited!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Coming Home!!!!!

Just thought I would do a quick update from the dr. He called this morning and said the girls are doing wonderful! Both eating well, gaining weight, etc. Then he said Dave and I will need to go up there and do a cpr training on infants and take the car seat up there to do a car seat test on Audrey. She is ready to come home! Tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest! Addisyn will be right behind her this weekend or maybe monday or tuesday. We are waiting on her weight to be over 4 llbs. She is now 3 pounds 9 ounces!!! So the car seat test is basically sticking Audrey in the car seat for an hour to make sure she doesnt stop breathing or her heart rate doesnt drop at the angle she will be sitting. If she passes she gets to come home! So thats what we will be doing today! I cant wait til they are both home!!! It will be exhausting at the same time it will be so rewarding!!! Anyways just thought that I would let everyone know what was going on!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Big Girls!

My what big girls we have! They are getting bigger and bigger everyday! Addisyn is now 3 pounds and 8 ounces. She is gaining about an ounce to 2 ounces everyday!!!! Yayy Addisyn! Audrey is now 5 pounds and 1/2 an ounce! She gained 3 ounces again in 1 day...they are eating out of the bottle everytime!! We are so proud of them. I think Audrey is real close to coming home and Addisyn will be right behind her. I have not spoken with the dr to see what his opinion is whether or not he will send one home or wait to send them both home! I am not sure what he will do. The nurses told me that Audrey is doing everything she is suppose to be doing to go home. So I dont know. We will probably find out tomorrow. So here are some pictures! The nurses washed their hair today and put a cute little bow in their hair!! So here are our big girls!!!

Our little family!

Addisyn and Audrey with their cute little bows!

Addisyn smiled for her daddy! and look her eyes are open finally haha!!

Audrey..the flash bothered her eyes

Friday, January 16, 2009


So yesterday I went to go get my hair done. I wanted to color my hair all one color so I wouldnt have to worry about getting it done all of the time. So I told her to try and match it to my natural color. Well it came out a little bit darker than expected but she told me it will fade in couple of days. But I think it looks ok! It will just take some getting use to! So here is my before and after pregnant/hair pictures!

Here is me the week before I delivered at 31 weeks.

Here is me now 2 weeks after I delivered

Big eaters!

Today when I went to feed the girls while Dave was in class, the nurse always tells me how they do through the night. How much they eat, how much weight they gain, did their heart rate go down, etc. Well I found out that Addisyn gained another ounce which puts her at 3 pounds and 5 ounces!!! An ounce a day is really good! She is growing and growing thats for sure!! Then she told me that she only ate half of her bottle through the night and this morning at 9. Then they just put the rest in her tube where she doesnt have to work so hard and get too tired! Then the nurse said that Audrey gained 3 ounces! That is a lot!!! She is now 4 pounds 12 ounces!! What a big girl, she is almost 5 pounds!!!! Audrey also had her last tube feeding last night at 9 pm. She has been sucking down her bottles in about 15 minutes!!! So since midnight last night and every feeding today, she has taken a whole bottle!! We are so proud of her and cant wait until her sister Addisyn catches up to her!!! And we know that will be real soon!!! In fact, today at the 1130 feeding, Addisyn took her whole bottle in about 15 minutes!!! The dr even increased the amount she takes to a fully ounce! So that was real awesome to see her suck down her bottle that quick! After they ate I just got to hold both of them while they slept! It was like night and day that Audrey picked up the sucking and breathing at the same time from the bottle!!! They told us that if she back tracks and stops doing that to not get frustrated because it tends to happen sometimes with premies. So for today and hopefully she will continue with eating like that!!! I know Addisyn will to! On that note, here are a few pictures of the girls from when they were first born til now which is 2 weeks tomorrow!!! There is a big difference! They grow so fast!

Here is big girl Audrey in her open bed!!!

Audrey the day she was born

Addisyn the day she was born

Addisyn, she is always sleeping!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So the dr called me early this morning! He usually calls every now and then if he changes anything with the girls! He told me that they are both doing great and are gaining weight! Addisyn is 3.4 now and Audrey is 4.9 now!!! They are getting so big!! He also said that they are both starting to nipple more and that is very encouraging! Some great news for everyone to hear...since Audrey is 4.9 now, he has promoted her to an open bed instead of the isolet! How awesome is that..It doesnt mean she is going to get to go home sooner...she still has to be able to eat at all of her feedings from the bottle for consecutive days. The dr doesnt like to send multiples home seperately if he doesnt have too..the only thing different from the girls right now is their weight. So when Addisyn reaches 1800 grams..she will get to be in an open bed too!! Right now I think she is at about 1480 grams. So I think that might happen by the beginning to the middle of next week, but we will have to see. They are still on monitors though which is not a bad thing, it just keeps an eye on things kind of when they stuck me in the hospital and made me stay on a monitor for days! not fun. Anyways, I have pictures but I will post them later. I just thought I would update on how the girls are doing today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Sweet

The girls are doing so well. They both gained 2 ounces in one day. Addisyn is now 3.3 pounds...she is growing so fast!!! We found out today that Addisyn ate her whole bottle at her 3 am and 6 am feedings this morning!!! We are so proud of her!! Audrey is now 4.8 pounds and is starting to pick up the sucking from the bottle!! She has only been eating about 10-20 ml out of 40 ml of the bottle then they just put the rest in the tube because she gets tired! which we know will happen with premies. Today at 1130 she took 20 ml. Which is still great! We always go to their 1200 and 600 feedings. So when we left and then came back the nurse had told us that Audrey took her whole bottle at the 300 feeding!!! We are so proud of her!!! Hopefully they will keep up the awesome job they are doing and keep gaining weight because they are eating their mommy's good stuff!!!!!!! haha. While I was feeding Audrey tonight, she was being so funny. She would suck on the bottle and then stop and smile. she did that several times!! It was so cute and sweet. Anyways on that note, here are a few pictures!!! They are so sweet.

Mommy and Audrey...trying to get a picture with her eyes open

Aww..Addisyn is so comfy on her daddy's chest!

Mommy and Audrey cuddling

so sweet..addisyn and her daddy

Addisyn sleeping!!! she is 3.3 pounds now!!!

Audrey sleeping...4.8 pounds now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing!!!!

So the girls have been growing, growing, growing!!! Now if we can just get them to eat on their own we are good to go! Today we went up to the hospital at our usual time to try and feed Addisyn and Audrey!! The nurses told us that they gained more weight last night. They get weighed every night at midnight! Audrey gained an ounce so she is back at her birth weight which was 4.6 pounds! So that is good. Addisyn gained 2 ounces and that puts her way over her birth weight!!! She is now 3.1 pounds!!! I am so glad that they are growing and getting stronger, it makes me very happy!!! Its just a step closer to bringing them home!!! Well when we go feed them they dont always take the bottle because they tire out easily! Well today the dr increased the amount they are feeding them. Audrey now gets 40 ml and Addisyn gets 27 ml. Addisyn surprised us all!!! She actually took her whole bottle for Daddy!!! Way to go we are so proud of her. She sucked on the nipple and breathed at the same time. Usually they forget to breath when they are sucking on the nipple and it causes their heart rates to go down. But she didnt. She had some coordination this time!!! Let's cross our fingers...maybe a light bulb came on! Audrey took 14 ml out of 40 ml. She still gets tired out when she sucks on the bottle. She always falls asleep haha!!! But it will come around and she will get it! I know she can. They are still a head of the game for taking a bottle considering how early they are. They are just now 34 weeks and they usually dont get the sucking reflux until 36. So they are actually doing very well!!!! We are very proud mommy and daddy of their precious little girls Audrey and Addisyn!!!!! Anyways just a little update! No pictures to post today maybe tomorrow!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thought everyone would like these pictures!!!!

The girls are doing great! THey are both gaining weight. Audrey is up to 4.45 pounds and Addisyn is up to almost 2.15 pounds! They are still eating through the feeding tube mostly but that is because they really dont get the sucking reflux to suck a bottle until about 36 weeks and I would have been 34 weeks today. So about another week and a half and they will probably be sucking on a bottle like champs!!!! Anyways here are some pictures that I thought everyone would like!!!! Enjoy!!!

Aww They are holding hands!...This is my favorite so far!

Audrey always with her mouth open!

Audrey and Addisyn...I remember you!

Addisyn...she always has her mouth wide open too!

Audrey and Addisyn in there matching outfits!!! We love it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on Addisyn and Audrey

Just thought I would update on how the girls are doing! They are getting better and better everyday that passes. I am hoping that these next few weeks go by fast so that our precious little girls can come home!! Nothing really has changed except for the fact that they are gaining their weight back. Addisyn and Audrey are 1 week old today. This week has actually gone by pretty fast. 1 down and 3 more to go! We cant wait. Today when we went to see the girls we try and feed them through the bottle. They dont eat through the bottle every feeding because they dont want them to work too hard and burn too many calories then what they are actually taking in. Which is ok because we want them to grow!!! this morning I fed Audrey and Dave fed Addisyn. Audrey was hungry when we got there she was like eating or sucking on her hand lol. So I changed her diaper and they always have a surprise for us haha!!! Then I fed her. She was hungry. She ate 27 ml from the bottle and she had only been taking about 15 or less ml from the bottle out of 35 ml. which is a little over an ounce. Addisyn was sleeping through this feeding so she only took about 10 ml and she gets 24 ml to eat!! So for only being a week old and being premature they are doing very well!!! It will come around and they will be home soon!!! On the other hand they weigh the babies every night at mid night. Audrey gained 1 oz putting her at 4.25 llbs. and Addisyn gained 2 oz putting her at 2.14 llbs. the first week they will lose their weight and now they are gaining it back which is awesome!!! We just want them to grow and be healthy healthy babies!!! Anyways here are a few pictures!!! They are putting little onesies on them that I took up there for them to wear!! How exciting!

Mommy and her girls in their matching outfits!

Daddy looking at Audrey while she gets fed some good stuff!

The first day Audrey got to wear clothes!

Addisyn and Audrey in matching outfits!!

Mommy and Addisyn

Addisyn looking at her Daddy