Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Behind! Warning: Lots and Lots of pictures!

So I have been getting so behind on blogging lately...I have just been so busy with! Thats what you get around the holidays and when your familes live in opposite directions! Anyways we had a great Christmas and I think the girls enjoyed it as well! Not sure they new what was going on but I got it all on video for them to watch later on when they are older!!! We enjoyed visiting with everyone and I know they enjoyed visiting our baby girls too!!!
So last week I originally asked off of work for Wednesday and Thursday but only got Thursday..Since the numbers of kids at the center were so low, I asked if I could leave early on Wednesday and my boss said well aren't you off...haha.."no, thats why I was asking lol!!"" duh! But anyways, Dave had the week off last week too but he thought he had to check into work on Thursday because they are only allowed so many days off in a row without taking leave. So little did he know haha, we get a phone call Wednesday morning at 7..I answered: "hello", does Dave know he was suppose to be here at 7 to check in? I was like I guess not since he is sleeping...So we decided last minute that we would leave when he got I was already up folding laundry. I packed real quick, we loaded the car when he got back and off we went to Bellville, TX for Christmas with the family!!! It was a nice long 6 days off with good family time!!! We really enjoyed ourselves!! So here are some pictures from the days we were there. Sorry they are kind of not all in order. I had more photos too but with my new camera the photos are too large and it is taking me forever to edit them.

Grandpa with Addisyn and Audrey Christmas Eve
Grandma with Addisyn and Audrey Christmas Eve
Our Family!
Audrey is ready for church!
Addisyn ready to go to church!

Great Grandma Prenzler with Addisyn waiting to open presents!
They loved this snowman
Audrey finally kept her hat on long enough to take a picture!
Addisyn our little elf haha!

Dave got new tennis shoes
Grandma and Grandpa opening their gifts
Aww a baby
Audrey got one too
fun a phone!
opening their first present!

Christmas lunch!
Addisyn chowing down!
Audrey cleaned her plate!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OMG!!!! The girls will be turning 1 year old in 2 1/2 kind of just snuck up on me and I really dont have anything together haha! I guess I need to think about what I am going to do so I can get it all organized! but hey, at least I got the invitations sent out on time right! haha!! I just cant believe this time last year I was getting sent to the hospital to be monitored...sooo crazy..

On another note, I started a diet last week called Herbalife! Its working really great for me right now and I think this is the first diet that has ever worked! I have been doing it for 9 days and have lost 7 goal by Christmas was to lose 10 pounds, now I am hoping for more!!!! I can already somewhat tell the pounds are coming off because my face looks thinner to me! HOw exciting!!!!!!!!! I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be...but I will get there with the good eating and exercise!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week, mine is going kind of slow! With that here are a few pictures til next time!

Audrey in her big girl pajamas!

Addisyn in her big girl pajamas!!!!

Sleepy baby!

Addisyn..."I cant go anymore!!"

Audrey walking...she loves to push this thing!

Addisyn likes to crawl up onto tables now haha!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So I decided to take the girls to the mall by myself and get their picture taken with Santa! I knew that they werent going to like him because when Dave has shaving cream on his face to shave before work, they freak out and start crying haha!!! But I still wanted to get the picture anyways for memories!!! Take a look!

Well Audrey didn't like him and Addisyn didn't know what to think lol.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend! My mom came in Thursday evening about 800 to spend time with us and the girls and watch them so that Dave and I could go to his Christmas party! We really appreciate you coming to watch the girls so that Dave and I can have a night out!! We love you very much and the girls had a lot of fun!!! Thank you so much!

Grandma and the girls!!!

On Friday when I got home from work, mom was kind enough to watch the girls so that I could get my nails done and head over to Old Navy to spend some money!!! They had a huge sale so I got a lot of stuff for a good price I think! Then we ordered a giant pizza, which we didnt know how much it was going to be and we had enough to feed an army, but it was delicious! Then we watched the Proposal and Four Christmas'. Of course during the second movie, I fell asleep half way exhausted from getting up at 530am.

Then on Saturday, we woke up...Audrey had a low grade fever and was pulling at her ear really bad still from the ear infection she had a week ago. So I called the dr office and made her an appt and off we went! He said her ears looked so much better but still had a little fluid in them but no he prescibed her and Addisyn both an antibiotic to prevent the infection...So they will be on medicine for the next 20 days 2 times daily! WOW!!!! Thats a long time haha..Anyways not sure what was up with Audrey, but she just didnt want to do anything all weekend and wanted to be held..poor baby didnt feel good and not sure why and what is wrong with her..but she is still eating a little bit and taking her bottle so thats good. She seemed to be doing a lot better this afternoon, evening..maybe it was a little 24 hour thing...I dont know!

Addisyn! She seemed to be feeling ok this weekend!!! She had a lot of fun with her Grandma!

This is what Audrey did a lot of the weekend :( My poor baby girl was not feeling well.

Then that evening, we had Dave's Christmas party to go to! It was fun and we were hoping to win something big but the numbers they were calling for the tickets were all dancing around ours...we had number 51 and 52 and they would call out 50 or was very frustrating...everyone at our table one something but us...go figure we have no luck at all! But oh well! My mom stayed home and watched the girls so that we could go out and have a good time!!! I know I have already said this...but thank you sooo much!!! We needed to get out!! AFter the party we all headed over to Cabo, a billards bar....There was a lot of people so it made it real fun to just hang out with some good friends!!!

Dave and I at the Christmas party!

Us again at Cabo! Had a great night!

Today we didnt do much of anything, we said our good-byes to mom/grandma!!! We all had a nice visit and cant wait to see ya at Christmas for lots of fun! We layed around most of the day until it was time to get ready for our family pictures! Our next door neighbor, Ashley takes them and does an awesome job!! Thanks Ashley!!! We think we got a lot of cute ones in there!!! Then after the pictures we ventured off to Olive Garden! It was very yummy..We were finishing up our meal and these 2 ladies that were sitting next to us said..."are they always this easy when you go out to eat, they were amazing!" Well thank you! That was very nice and we are so blessed to have such wonderful babies!!! We love them so much!!! Anyways that was about all we did this weekend..Now I am ready for bed haha!!! So tired!!! Have a great week all!

Friday, December 4, 2009

11 Months Old

Can you believe it? The girls turned 11 months old yesterday which means I only have 1 month..well less than one month until their birthday..The only thing I have done is sent out invitations to our family and close friends. I guess I better get working on planning that party!

Addisyn and Audrey, what are you up to these days?

* We are down to 2 bottles of formula and a sippy cup of whole milk with snack...they dont really like the whole milk..I think it might be too cold...I dont know haha!

* Eating 3 meals a day with a snack in between lunch and dinner...we still dont like meat, besides lunch meat and hot dogs, but we love our vegetables, grilled cheese, spaghetti, mac n' cheese, and all the fruits!

* Still at 2 naps (morning and afternoon)

* We sleep from 7-7 still

* We can push a walker

*Addisyn took 1 step a week ago but that was it.

* We are still cruising!

* We love to get into the tupperware drawer and throw it all on the floor

* Audrey is wearing 12 month clothes

* Addisyn is wearing 9 month clothes

Audrey weighs around 20-21 pounds and is 28 1/2 inches long

* Addisyn weighs around 17 pounds and is about 27 inches long maybe longer!

* We can say mama, dada, ba-ba--for bye bye, no no no, na-na for night night!

* We can clap our hands

* We can wave..a backwards wave ha

* Audrey has 6 teeth...2 on bottom and 4 on top..dont stick your finger in my mouth I will get ya!
* Addisyn has 3 teeth and 2 on the way...2 on bottom and 1 on top
* We are really looking forward to our birthday party so we can see all of our family and eat lots of cake!!! yum yum!

So thats it for now! See yall later!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A wintery day in December

It was a cold day yesterday, didn't even get out off the 30's. So when I got home from work Dave had a nice fire going and I kept it going until I went to bed!

The girls didn't even get out of their pajamas!!! Don't you just love those kind of days!?!

I went to bed around 1030, Dave gets home from work around midnight and about 1 am he came into the room and say come look its off we went, outside in the freezing snowy take pictures like we had never seen snow haha....considering we did live in Alaska haha...but we don't see it too often in TEXAS!!!

This is our backyard...not a single spot had grass showing....I think this morning I had about an inch to and inch and a half on top of my windshield!! We are talking big, big snow flakes not just flurries!!! Pretty awesome to see!
This is another angle of the back yard...

Here is the front!!! Isn't it pretty!!! nice and white...hopefully it will be a white snowy christmas this year!! that will be just picture perfect!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can you believe

Can you believe a year ago I looked like this...time flies so fast...
Seems so crazy at this time last year..I was preparing to have my two precious angels and now they are about to be a year old in one month! CRAZY!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Its been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, but we have just been sooo busy...Seems I can never catch-up on laundry either. Oh well On the 20th of November we met my parents in Junction, Tx at the YO Ranch so that Dave could go hunting with my dad and my brother in law Travis and then all the girls would just hang out! We had a great time other than I was sick the whole weekend. Friday before we left I caught some kind of stomach bug and was vomitting all morning...yuck, who wants to travel like that? I was achy all weekend and my mom and sister were kind enough to give me lots of shoulder massages!!! On Saturday afternoon I got off the couch, took some medicince and we headed to the lodge of the ranch to see all of the different animals you could see there!! It was really neat! With being so achy, I even brought myself to go sit in a deer blind for 3 hours on a bucket with dave...Ya my butt hurt so bad..haha! Anyways, we didnt get anything that night but saw 2 sika bucks...they werent big enough to shoot! So ya it was fun watching them! To end our weekend our keys were missed placed..lovely..I looked for hours, dug through all of our bags, couch cushions outside and then it got dark! almost had to tow our truck in and get a key made cause we couldnt find them, glad we did, that would have been a pretty penny!

Me and Dave in the deer blind..I was bored at this point haha!

Me and Jennifer getting ready to go out with the boys to sit for 3 hours! Dont I look lovely..

All the girls....This was at the lodge! They were having so much fun in it haha!! Looks like they are in jail...Audrey, Addisyn, Madi, and Haylee
Daddy and Audrey....she loves it on his shoulders!

Grandma and Addisyn...yall like their cute camo shirts?
This was a well at the had a concrete bottom in it so we put them in it!!! Addisyn, Madi, Audrey, and Haylee

We came home on Monday because we couldnt find the keys, and all I had time to do was unpack our bags, throw all our clothes in the wash, and re-pack because we drove to Corpus Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving! Man I felt rushed....It was good to spend time with Dave's family! It had been a while, I think the girls were only 5 months since the last time we were down there and now they are 11 months old this week!!! Time goes by so quickly when you are busy! We had Thanksgiving dinner at Dave's Aunt Tina's house and it was very yummy!!! Thank you for cooking!!!! The rest of the day we just kind of hung out! That night we tried to go see the movie Blind side which I have been wanting to see since it came out....ya right...SOLD OUT!!!! Haha! So we saw Old dogs instead!! It was pretty good!

Friday Dave and his brother Ronald got up about 3 am and went to their deer lease to go hunting for the day...They saw some deer but didnt get anything! I hung out at the house with the girls and Dave's dad! Had a nice relaxing day!!! watching tv and playing! Saturday I wanted to go shopping when Dave got back from hunting, so we went and looked around at Kohl's and I got the girls a shirt to wear for our pictures this Saturday and Dave got one too!!! I already have one! Then we went over to target! I love that store....I put Audrey's jeans on her the other day and didn't realize she had grown out of them lol...she was dressed for the flood haha!!! so we got her some jeans! Then I finally got to go to Toys R Us since we dont have one here in Abilene..not sure why, but we a couple of things for the girls for either Christmas/birthday, really havent decided haha, I guess I just get to pick which holiday lol! That evening we went out to eat to a seafood restaurant to celebrate Nam Sun, Dave's mom's birthday!!!The whole family and all of the kids were there!!! It was a great night and I hope she had a great birthday!!! Well that was our last 2 weeks of fun!!!! Here are some pictures!!!! HOpe you enjoy!!!



Me and Addisyn at Snoopy's seafood restaurant

Great Grandpa Dean and Audrey..look at that smile haha!
Homany with the girls on Thanksgiving!
Grandpa David with Audrey and Addisyn before we left to go eat some yummy turkey!

Our family...we had a hard time to get them to look at the camera haha..this is the best I could do!

Great Grandma Betty and Lillie

Dave with Lillie!

Audrey loved this big stuffed dog haha!!! she just laughed and smiled the whole time lol!

On the way home!!!! our long, 7 hour drive!!!