Monday, December 29, 2008


Hello to all...I hope everyone had a merry christmas! Well I started going to the hospital for monitoring on the babies just standard for multiples. Well Friday after christmas I went in about 11 am. The monitoring usually takes about an hour. Well it so happens to be in the first hour I was there all strapped in and hooked up to the machine, Baby A which is the smaller baby was having decells. which means that the baby's heart rate they decided to keep me on the monitor for another hour..well she did it again..It could have been a number of reasons why it dropped like she could have been pinching her cord or something. So the dr decided to keep me over night. They went ahead and gave me a steroid shot just in case I delivered early to help mature the babies lungs faster. I had to stay until saturday night around 830. Since then everything has looked great! But they still need to keep a close eye on the baby girls just to be cautious! So keep us all in your prayers that we will make it at least 2 more weeks if not longer so they can get their lungs fully developed and not have to stay in the hospital very long once they are born! So I have a scheduled ultrasound on wednesday and it is up to that dr if he is going to send me to get monitored that day and my regular ob is sending me to get monitored on Friday...Hopefully everything goes well and still looks good! If not he said I might just get to stay in the hospital until these babies are delivered which is not going to be fun considering the bed they put me in is so uncomfortbale. especially if you are strapped in to a monitor..Not fun!!! Anyways just a little update. I am 32 weeks today so pray that I make it to at least 34!!!! Hope everyone has a great new year!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

31 Weeks and dr update!

WOW....I am 31 weeks that means I only have 6 weeks or less...I had a check up today and everything went well. He said my cervix is still closed so that is good cause these babies need to stay in at least 2 to 3 more would be awesome but very heavy if I could make it all the way to Feb 2nd which is 37 weeks and my scheduled delivery date!!so anyways just thought I would update..I am now going to the dr weekly for a check up as well as an ultrasound to keep an eye on the girls! I go for an ultrasound tomorrow...maybe baby A caught up on eating this week..we will find out tomorrow!!!! til then I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

30 Week ultrasound

So I am 30 weeks as of yesterday. I cant believe how fast this is going. In just less than 7 weeks we will be called mommy and daddy!!!! We are very excited and ready as we are going to be!!! So I went to have an ultrasound today and everything looked great...heartbeats are still 144 and 141...the only thing he wants to keep an eye on is baby A's weight. Seems to him that baby B is taking most of the nutrients. Nothing to worry about but he just wants to keep an eye on it. Baby A is weighing in at 2 llbs 13 oz and Baby B is weighing in at 3 llbs 7 oz. So from 2 weeks ago, Baby A gained 8 oz and Baby B gained 11 oz. so baby A has only fallen behing BAby B about 3 oz but he still wants to keep a closer eye on it so I will be getting an ultrasound from now on 1 time a week! I just hope everything stays ok until they come out. Oh I also asked him if he could tell if they were identical or not..he said it is really hard to tell in an ultrasound so we wouldnt be able to tell until they came out. As he was looking at it he said that they sure did look like they are identical but isnt going to say yes because you cant really see it!!!! So we will see!!!! So there is a little update on ADDISYN and AUDREY!!!! I will keep everyone posted on how we are doing!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

29 WEEKS and 3 Days!!!!

So here is what is going on with me at 29 weeks and 3 days. I went to the dr yesterday and everything is going good still! the dr asked me if I was having any problems and I said no except that my back is hurting me really bad because I am getting so front heavy. He asked what I did for work and I told him that I work with ages 6 weeks all the way the 3 years so I am doing a lot of bending over, up and down, and lifting at he told me since I am almost 30 weeks he would go ahead and put me on bed rest just to be cautious...well not bed rest where I am laying in bed all day just no work. So I am done working until these babies are a little bit older!!! Anyways I have another ultrasound on Tuesday and another dr appointment the week of christmas!! Its getting so much closer and Dave and I are about to have our hands full with 2 infants and we couldnt be more excited!!!! So I will keep everyone updated!!!! for now here is my 29 week picture....I am getting larger everyday it seems like!!!!